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 Post subject: What Fate Has in Store - Part 2
PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:02 am 
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What Fate has In Store – Chapter 2
= = =
Challenge Lines:
Olivia- "When I said I'd have dinner with you I thought we might be sitting."
Elliot- "We can sit in the car."
Olivia- "You're a classy guy, you know that?"
= = =
From the previous chapter…
= = =

McCall couldn’t understand why she felt so betrayed when she saw Hunter d-r-i-n-k-ing coffee with that woman. She knew she had no right to be upset, they weren’t a couple and they weren’t even partners, but had the situation been reversed, she reasoned that she would have informed Hunter of the person she was dating.
After changing and d-r-i-n-k-ing half a glass of wine to help calm her nerves, McCall walked down to Greta’s to meet Hunter for dinner.

As she approached the street where the police department was, she saw Hunter smiling and waving at her. “Hey, Mccall!”

McCall forced a smile. “Hi. How are you? Was court okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. It was great. They jury should be back tomorrow with a verdict.”

“Good. So, where’s this Greta’s place at?”

Hunter smiled and pointed to the small street vendor on the corner. “Right over there.”

“That’s Greta’s?” She asked, clearly appalled.

“Oh, yeah. It’s right up your alley, greasy, fried food. You’ll love it. And before you can say anything, they have some pretty amazing veggie calzones for me.”

“When I agreed to have dinner with you, I thought we might be sitting,” she said as they walked over to the line.

“Well, we can sit in the car.” He joked.

“You’re a classy guy, you know that?”

“Well, I try,” he smirked.

After ordering their food, a veggie calzone for Hunter and a meatball sub for McCall, along with two bottles of water, the pair walked down the street to the park and sat at a picnic table.

“You okay, Dee Dee? You still seem a little jet-lagged?”

“What? No, no. I’m fine. Really,”

“Good, because there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What?” She could feel her heart rate increasing. ‘Oh, God,’ she thought. ‘This is it, he’s going to tell me about his girlfriend.’

“Yeah, I ran into a friend of mine when I went to get coffee today. She invited us to spend Christmas with her and her husband. Would you be up for it?”

“She’s married?!” McCall could hardly contain her happiness.

“Well, yeah. She’s been married for a few months, but they’ve known each other over a decade. Why?”

McCall laughed. “I saw you two sitting by the window at the café. I thought she was your girlfriend!”

“My girlfriend?! Is that why you were upset a little bit ago?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, embarrassed. “I couldn’t understand why you were dating someone and you didn’t even bother telling me.”

Hunter laughed, too. “I can assure that we are not dating. She’s very happily married.”

“Well, tell me about her. How’d you two meet?”

“We met each other at the café one day. It was packed inside and there was hardly anywhere to sit. She was bubbling over with happiness; I seriously don’t think I’ve even seen someone has happy as she was. I told her the seat next to me wasn’t taken and I asked her if she’d like to sit there. She agreed and I couldn’t help but to ask why she was so happy at 6 in the morning.

“She looked at me with the biggest smile on her face and said she was on the way to the airport to pick up the love of her life. She said that they were both military and danced around a relationship for almost ten years before they got new orders and had to go their separate ways. But a few days ago, he called to tell her that he had his orders changed so he could come home because he loved her and couldn’t stand his life without her.”

McCall smiled, “Oh, my. That’s so sweet.”

“It is,” Rick agreed. “I think they got married at the courthouse a week after he came to San Diego.”

“Like a fairytale.”

“Well,” he began sadly, “it hasn’t all been a fairytale.”

“Why?” Dee Dee asked, clearly concerned for the woman she has never even met.

“She had a miscarriage not too long ago. It really devastated her. The doctor’s told that she has less than 20% of having a baby now, and that really was hard for her. She’s afraid that her husband will leave her because he wants children of his own. I’ve never met him, but I just know he’d never leave her. I’ve seen picture of them, and you can just see it in his eyes how much he loves her.”

“That’s heartbreaking,” she whispered. McCall’s mind suddenly flashed to the baby that she wanted to adopt so many years ago. She wondered what kind of young lady she had become and thought about her every day. She could only imagine how hard this must have been for Hunter’s friend. “You never told me her name.”

“Sarah Rabb,” he replied. “But her friends call her “Mac” – I think she said it was a Marine thing.”

The name “Rabb” sounded so familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite place it.

“Can you take me to a grocery store? - I want to make a dessert to bring when we go over there.”

“Sure…and I’ll even let you use my kitchen.”

“Oh, Hunter. You’re too kind,” she said with a laugh.

= = =
Rabb Residence
San Diego, CA
25 December 2006
= = =

Harmon Rabb rolled over in bed and frowned when he noticed that his wife’s side of the bed was cool. He turned his head toward the clock and squinted to see what time it was. He frowned again when he realized that it was only 0312. He knew Mac had not been sleeping well since the miscarriage, but it had been getting worse during the holidays.

Harm dragged himself out of bed and walked down the hall. He knew exactly where he would find his wife. “Hey,” he said softly as he walked in the room.

The room was large, with beautiful hardwood floors and pale yellow walls. Currently, they used it as an office, but the unspoken plan was, if they were lucky enough, to turn it into a nursery for their baby. Lately, he’s found that Mac has been spending a lot more time in there even if she didn’t have any work to do.

“Sorry, I woke you. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d come in here so I wouldn’t disturb you. Apparently, my plan didn’t work.”

“Why don’t you come back to bed? Please?”

“Why?” She scoffed. “It’s not like I’ll be able to sleep anyway.”

“Try? Please? You must be exhausted. It’s nearly 0330, and we’re having company this afternoon. Don’t you think you should get some sleep?”

She smiled sadly. She hated worrying him. “I’ll be fine.”

“Sarah MacKenzie – Rabb, please try to sleep – if only for a few hours.”

“Fine,” she stood up and pushed the chair in. “I’ll try.”

“That’s all I’m asking for.”
= = =
Rabb Residence
San Diego, CA
25 December 2006
= = =

“Hey, Mac!” Harm called from the bottom of the stairs. “The ham is done, should I leave it in the oven to keep it warm or start cutting it?”

Mac appeared at the top of the stairs as she slipped on her black high heels and then proceeded to put on the diamond necklace that Harm had given her for Christmas. “Maybe you should start to cut it. Then we can put it in the oven to keep warm after.”

Harm knew that his wife was talking, but he couldn’t really pay attention to what she was saying. He was mesmerized by the beauty that was Sarah MacKenzie Rabb. The silky, knee-length black dress hugged her in all the right places and he couldn’t even find words to describe how beautiful she was.

“….Harm? Captain Rabb! Earth to Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. What were you saying?”

“I said to cut the ham and then put it in the oven to keep warm. I’ll have a feeling that Hunter and his friend will be here sooner than 1600 hours. Where were you a few minutes ago? You totally zoned out.”

He smiled, the biggest smile he had. “I was just admiring how beautiful you are.”

She blushed. “Thank…you, but you say that a lot.”

“I can’t help it if I’m married to the most beautiful woman on the planet.”

Mac began to walk down the stairs, and always the gentlemen, Harm offered his hand out to her. She happily accepted and they walked into the kitchen.

“So, did you ever tell me the name of Hunter’s partner? I can’t seem to remember.”

“No, I don’t think I did. Her first name is Dee Dee, but I can’t remember her last name. Mc – something. McCallum, maybe? He only referred to her as Dee Dee mostly.” Mac went to the stove to check on the boiling potatoes. “Good, these should be done soon. Oh, I almost forgot, Mattie called while you went out to get the champagne. She sends her love and that she misses us. She also said that everything is still on schedule and her doctors think she’ll be well enough to fly to San Diego in early March.”

“I’m so glad to hear that. Maybe if we can get a couple days of leave we can fly up and visit her. I really miss her.”

Mac smiled sadly. “I miss her, too. Maybe we can head up there in February…and if the weather is nice maybe we can pack a picnic and fly in Sarah.”

Harm couldn’t hide is shock. “You want to go flying with me? I thought my flying gave you nightmares.”

“Oh, it does, but I can use the adventure at this time in my life.”

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. And I promise I’ll check the fuel line better so there won’t be any emergency landing and you won’t get shot by a poacher again.”

“Good to know.” She stole a quick kiss.

“Mm. Oh, my mom and Frank called while you were in the shower. They send their love and they wish they could have been here with us today.”

“I know they do, but they planned this cruise long before we knew we were getting married. We’ll celebrate Christmas with them when they get back.”

“I know – that’s exactly what I told them.”
= = =
Outside of the Rabb Home
San Diego, CA
25 December 2006
= = =

“This is a beautiful home,” Dee Dee commented as they walked up the driveway. “It has so much character.”

“I was thinking the same thing. Look at that cobblestone path by the porch…that’s some good craftsmanship. I bet it’s original, too.”

“I love the flag pole. It’s so patriotic.”

Hunter rang the bell. “That dessert looks really good, McCall.”

“Stop it,” she warned. “I already told you that you can’t taste it until after dinner.”

“Sorry, Mom,” he teased.

Moments later, Mac opened the door. “Merry Christmas!” She greeted cheerfully. “I’m so glad you came, please come in.”

When they stepped inside they marveled at the beauty of the house. The foyer was large and open with a beautiful arch window above the door and a gorgeous chandelier.

“Mac, this is Dee Dee McCall, McCall, this is my friend Sarah Rabb.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Rabb.”

“Please, call me Mac,” she said as she extended her hand.

Dee Dee smiled. “Only if you call me Dee Dee.”

“Of course!”

“I hope you don’t mind that I made a dessert.”

“Oh, not at all. That’s so kind of you. Here, I’ll take it.”

“You and your husband have a lovely home, Mac.” McCall said as she passed over the dessert.

“Thank you so much. We still have a lot of work to do, but, it’s getting there. If you’d follow me to the kitchen I’ll introduce the both of you to my husband.

“Harm,” Mac called as they entered the kitchen. “We have company. Sgt. Rick Hunter, this is my husband, Harmon Rabb. Harm, this is Sgt. Hunter.”

“Call me Harm,” he said as he shook the older man’s hand.

“Call me Rick.”

Suddenly, it all clicked and McCall realized why the name “Rabb” sounded so familiar. He was military. She was military. They’ve been married for a few months. He had his orders changed. She recognized Harm. She’d never forget that smile.

“Dee Dee, this is my husband…”

Dee Dee cut her off. “Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr. USN. JAGC.” She said with a smile.

Mac looked at her husband with a very confused look and Hunter did the same to McCall.

“Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall. LAPD. Homicide Division.” He smiled. “So you are real.”

“Of course I am real!” She laughed as she accepted his hug. “How have you been?”

“Wonderful! And you?”

“Pretty good, myself.”

“Did we miss something?” Mac asked Hunter.

“I’m beginning to think they’ve met before.” Hunter agreed.

= = =
= = =

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