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 Post subject: San Diego Blues – Epilogue
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 7:23 pm 
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San Diego Blues – Epilogue

- - - Mac’s POV - - -

It has been almost two months since the ordeal with Clark Palmer, and I am happy to say that things finally are settling down.

Elizabeth and Jennifer haven’t been having as many nightmares as they used to. For three solid weeks our nightly routine was the same – Harm and I would read them a story and assure them that he was their Daddy and not the bad man, then Harm and I would leave and they would get a couple of hours of sleep before the nightmares came.

Their cries would break the silence of the house and Harm and I would get there as fast as we could. We cuddled them, sang to them, and hugged them before they were finally able to drift back to “Dreamland”.

Harm and I think that when we go to DC Commander McCool should talk to them. - Just to be on the sage side.

Chloe has been dealing with this in her own way. She’s reacting the way I tend to react to things. She puts on a brave face and says that she is okay, but I know the truth. I know that this tearing her apart inside, and I can’t do anything about until she’s ready.

Lately she’s been talking to Harm more than me. Maybe that’s her way of dealing with it. But I know for sure that her talking to Harm has proved good for both of them. And for that, I’m grateful. I know she’ll come around to me … when the time is right. And I won’t push her.

It must be ******* her while her father is away – I think that it’s part of the reason why she and Harm have been bonding more. Chloe never had a father figure growing up – her step-dad didn’t care and for the majority of the time she has known her real father, he’s been deployed. Every teenage girl needs a father figure and while Chloe’s dad is gone … Harm is the closest thing she’s got.

Also, Harm and I have become friends with Rick and DeeDee. They truly are great people. In way they remind me of Bud and Harriet (don’t ask), and it’s nice having friends here. Most people don’t want to be friends with a Naval Commander and a Marine turned civilian lawyer, but Rick and DeeDee did. Not to mention that I’ve been at the DA’s more often (which is located where DeeDee and Rick are “stationed”) and once I officially start, I’ll be prosecuting cases from their division. Isn’t it funny how things work out?

Okay, that’s all for now. I have to go get everyone up because Harm is leaving for a meeting. He’ll be gone for a few days.

- - - End Mac’s POV - - -

“Rise and shine!” Mac called cheerfully as she turned on the light in Chloe’s room.

“Ugh,” Chloe mumbled as she put the pillow over her head. “It’s not time to get ready for school yet!” Chloe peaked over at the clock on her nightstand. “It’s five in the morning?”

“Yes,” Mac chuckled. “Harm is leaving this morning for Santa Barbara … he has that JAG conference. Remember?”

“Yeah,” Chloe mumbled.

“He’s leaving in fifteen minutes and twenty – seven seconds.” Mac exited Chloe’s room and headed to the room across the hall. “Time to get up,” she said to her children. There was silence. “Okay,” Mac said in a playful tone. “If you two don’t get up, Daddy’s gonna come in here and tickle you.”

That line completely woke them up.

“No!” Lizzy laughed.

“No tickles!” Jennifer added with her own laugh.

“Oh? You’re up? I guess I won’t have to get Daddy then.”

Jenny looked out the window, “It’s still sleepy time, Mommy.”

“No, it’s just really early in the morning. I got you up because we are going to say bye to Daddy.”

“Why?” Elizabeth asked.

“Daddy is going to go bye-byes for a few days.”

“Why?” Jenny asked.

“For work,” Mac tried to explain. “We talked about this before. When Daddy’s boss says he has to go somewhere … Daddy has to go – even if he doesn’t want to.”

“But who’s gonna take us to school?” Elizabeth asked. “Daddy takes us.”

“I’ll take you,” Mac said. “Don’t worry. Daddy and I have everything figured out.” Mac checked her internal clock and said, “Daddy’s leaving in seven minutes. So maybe we should go downstairs and wait for him.”

- - -

“Now, I trust you’ll be good for Mommy and Chloe while I’m away?” Harm asked his daughters.

“Yes.” Lizzy answered.

“We good girls, Daddy!” Jenny chimed in.

Harm smiled, “Yes you are.” Then he turned to Chloe, “And I know that you’ll help Mac.”


Finally Harm reached Mac, “And you,” he said as he playfully waved his finger.

Mac stood at “attention”, “I promise to be good, Commander Rabb, sir,” she said with a salute. Then she turned to Chloe and gave her a look that suggested she wanted to say her goodbye privately.

Chloe instantly knew what Mac was getting at. “Girls, let’s go upstairs,” she said as she took a hold of their hands. “Say bye to Daddy again before we go upstairs.”


“Bye, Daddy.”

Jennifer and Elizabeth each blew kisses in Harm’s direction.

Harm reached out and grabbed the invisible kiss.

“Did you get `em?” Lizzy asked.

“Sure did.”

“Bye,” Jenny called one last time before she was completely up the stairs.

Harm then turned his attention back to Mac and saw that she was rubbing her belly. “Are you okay?” he asked. His voice was filled with concern.

“Uh … yeah,” she answered. “I think our son is protesting you absence.”

Harm placed his hand where Mac had hers a few seconds ago. “Now, you be good in there. Please, don’t give your mom a hard time while I’m away,” he said.

Mac smiled. This is what she loved to see. Harm – the man behind the gold wings and uniform. “I think we’ll be okay.”

“I’m gonna miss this.”

“Us too.”

“If only I didn’t have to leave now – with your due date approaching.”

“Yeah,” she agreed sadly. “But it’s better before than after … Plus … duty calls.”

“And orders are orders.”

“I remember.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“We’ll all be fine. You know, I’m gonna see if DeeDee and Rick want to come over tomorrow for lunch. If they’re off this Saturday, that is.”

Harm nodded, “That’s a good idea.” He checked his watch again, “I have to go, now.”

Mac moved in to kiss him.

“I love you so much, Sarah,” Harm said once they parted for air.

“Harm …” she said before she kissed him again. “… I love you.”

Harm picked up his bags and made his way to the door. “I’ll call as often as I can.”

“I know you will.”

Softly, he said, “Bye.”

“Bye,” she whispered.

- - -

Later that day, a very tired Sarah Rabb appeared by Hunter and McCall’s desks.

“Mac!” Hunter exclaimed when he looked up from his paperwork. “We weren’t expecting to see you. Have a seat,” he said gesturing to McCall’s empty seat.

“Thanks.” Mac pulled out the seat and flopped down. “Where is DeeDee?”

“She went to copy some files. Did you need her for something?”

“No. I woke up at four-thirty this morning and I think I might be too tired to get out of her chair,” she laughed.

“Rough night?”

“Not exactly. Harm and his partner, Lt. Cmdr. Metzel have a JAG meeting in Santa Barbara. It’s a three-hour drive, so they took a military aircraft and should have been there in about an hour. Anyway, they were scheduled to leave at six, so everyone in my house was awake at a five saying their goodbyes.”

“How long is he gone for?”

“He’ll be back on Tuesday.”

“Sounds like you’ll have your hands full.”

“Yeah,” Mac agreed. “But we’ve had it worse. One time Harm had a TAD assignment … he was gone for five weeks.”

“Must have been hard.”

Mac nodded, “Jenny and Lizzy were only one. Luckily, Harm’s mother, Trish, stayed with us. She’s an angel!”

“I didn’t think we were going to see you today,” McCall said once she returned.

“It wasn’t planned,” Mac answered.

“So, how are you?”

“Good, good,” she replied. “Do you want your seat back?”

“No, that’s okay,” she said as she sat on the edge of Hunter’s desk. “I’ll be fine right here.”

“I’m sure you will,” Mac thought. “Well, like I was telling Rick, Harm is away at a conference, and I was wondering if you and Rick would like to come over for lunch tomorrow.”

“Well, it works for me,” McCall said before giving her partner a wink.

Hunter grinned at McCall before answering Mac’s question. “That sounds great.”

“Good,” Mac smiled and stood up from the chair. “I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.”

“We’ll be there.”

“See `ya,” Mac waved before leaving.

“Poor Mac,” McCall said as she took her seat.

“Poor Mac?” Hunter repeated.

“Yeah. Harm being away and all.”

“It’ll be ******* her. I do hope she’s okay.”

“Me too. All of them have been through so much and I don’t know how much more they can take.”

There was a pause before Hunter spoke, “I wonder what the story is behind them.”

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah. It’s not everyday when a beautiful Marine falls in love with a Naval aviator turned lawyer. I always thought that the Navy and Marines didn’t get along.”

“Maybe we will find out someday.”

“And if we don’t … we can always do some good old-fashioned detective work.”

“Oh, Hunter,” McCall chuckled. “You’re not going to give up are you?”

He pretended to think about it for a minute. “Umm … no.”

“Well, if we don’t find out … count me in on your little plan.”

“You got it, partner. The Head-Hunter and Brass Cupcake back in business again.”

“I do like the sound of that,” McCall admitted with a smile. “So what’s there to do for today?”

“That,” Hunter said eyeing a stack of paperwork. “We’ll flip for it,” he suggested.

“Uh … I don’t think so, Hunter. I’m not falling for that this time.”

- - -

“That should do it,” Mac said to Chloe the following day as they finished putting the tablecloth on the picnic table in the backyard.

“It looks pretty good,” Chloe stated. “When should they be here?”

“If they are on time – eleven minutes and ten seconds.”

“Man, I wish I could do that.”

She laughed, “It is useful.” Mac sat down at the picnic table and started to fold some napkins.

Not long after Mac started folding the napkins, the doorbell rang. Lizzy appeared on the other side of the French doors. “Mommy! They’re here! They’re here! Can I go let them in?”

“Wait for me,” Mac said as she started to get up from the bench. “Oooh,” she said before sitting back down.

“Are - are you okay?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I just stood up the wrong way. Can you, um, go get the door with Lizzy?”

“Yeah, of course.”


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Chloe asked one again before entering the house.

“I’m fine.”

“Okay.” Chloe opened the doors and stepped inside.

“Hurry!” Lizzy said.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Chloe responded. “Okay, open the door.”

“Yay! You’re here, DeeDee!” Lizzy exclaimed after opening the door.

“Hello, Miss Elizabeth. How are you?” DeeDee asked the child.


“I brought you and Jenny some cookies for dessert.”

“DeeDee brought cookies.” Elizabeth said to Jennifer when she came running down the hall.

“Yummy!” Jennifer responded.

Faintly, through the screen door, they heard Mac wince.

Chloe shot a worried look in DeeDee’s line of vision.

“Uh, Elizabeth,” DeeDee started, “and Jennifer … why don’t you go upstairs and color?”

“Okay,” Jenny said before turning to Elizabeth, “Let’s go, sister.”

“Okay, sister.”

“They’re cute,” DeeDee stated as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Chloe agreed as DeeDee placed her packages on the island and started to open the back doors.

“Is everything okay out here?” DeeDee asked.

“Dandy,” Mac mumbled sarcastically.

DeeDee moved closer, “What’s that mean?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Okay,” DeeDee reached for her cell-phone, “We’re taking you to the hospital.”

“I don’t think that’s,” she stopped and drew in a sharp breath, “necessary,” she added softly.

“I think it is,” Chloe chimed in. “Harm would flip if something happened to you while he was away.”

“Uh, this might sound strange,” McCall started, “but do you think you’re in labor?”

“I’m not due for two weeks,” she said before it dawned her that the twins were a week early. “Scratch that. We do need to get to a hospital ASAP. I just hope this is a false alarm …. With Harm being away and all.”

“Okay,” DeeDee said while trying to stay calm, “I’ll call Hunter and then we’ll leave.”

- - -

“And to think that McCall and I would actually get a complete weekend off,” Hunter mumbled when his cell-phone rang. He reached for the phone and looked at the caller-id. “Yep, it’s McCall.” He thought. “Hunter.”

“Where are you?” McCall asked.

Hunter flipped on the turn signal, “On my way to Rabb’s. Why? Where are you?”

“Are you up to a round of babysitting?”


“Chloe and I are going to take Mac to the hospital … and someone has to stay with the kids.”

“Is Mac alright?”

“I think so, but we just want be sure.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”


- - -

“Hunter will be here in about five minutes,” McCall said after flipping her cell-phone shut.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to get in my car,” Mac said.

“ … And if you can’t get in your car, you won’t be able to get in my car.”


“Okay … okay. Don’t worry about that. We’ll take Hunter’s car.”

Chloe picked up a few things and walked over to the door. “I’ll go check on Lizzy and Jenny.”

“I hope this is a false alarm,” Mac repeated even though she knew it wasn’t. “Harm … He has to be here for this is it. I need him.”

Still trying to remain calm, McCall continued, “Everything will work out,” she said trying to convince herself as well as Mac.

- - -

True to his word, Hunter arrived in roughly five minutes. “I got here as soon as I could,” he said to Chloe when she let him in. “Where are they?”

Chloe pointed to the backyard, “Over there.”

Hunter thanked her and made his way to the backyard. He finished putting his keys in his pocket and then he made presence known.

“And not a moment too soon,” said McCall as she helped Mac up from her seat. “I’m gonna need your keys.”

He was confused, but complied and handed over the keys.

McCall took the keys. “I’ll explain later.” She said as she noted the look on Hunter’s face – priceless. “I promise I’ll bring it back in one piece.”

Hunter laughed it off, “You better.”

“I’m a very good driver!” She almost had a moment of “déjà vu”, but luckily she caught herself before she let it slip. Quickly, she turned her attention back to Mac. “We better leave now.”

“You’re telling me?” she mumbled under her breath.

“I’ll call you later, Hunter,” was the last the McCall managed to say before she left.

- - -

Harm absentmindedly played with the wedding band on his finger. The meeting was one of the most mind-numbing seminars he had ever attended in is career. He wasn’t sure what the General was talking about – Harm stopped listening when he was talking about budgets. Every so often, his mind would drift to Mac. He wondered how things were going at home since they only had talked on the phone for no longer than five minutes the night before.

- - -

“Well, Mrs. Rabb, you were right - this is no false alarm,” Dr. Annie Kesner confirmed after performing a quick examine.

“Why now?” Mac asked aloud to herself.

“Sarah?” the doctor asked as she removed her gloves. “Is something wrong?”

“Harm is at a JAG meeting in Santa Barbara,” she explained.

“I can call him,” Annie offered. “Judging by last time you were in labor, if he left soon, he might be able to make it back in time.

“I’ll do it,” Mac said. “But thank you for offering,” she fit in before taking another deep breath.

Annie nodded, “Okay. If that’s what you want. You can call once the nurse takes to LDR room,” she finished before stepping out and leaving Mac alone with her thoughts.

- - -

“That will be all for this afternoon,” the General finished up. “We will meet again tomorrow morning and discuss section three – paragraphs one to seven.”

- - -

“Now listen, Petty Officer!” Mac said over the phone. “I need to contact my husband, Commander Harmon Rabb – it’s very important. And he is not answering his cell-phone. So, I need to talk to Admiral Horton.”

“But, ma’am, Admiral Horton said to only contact him if it was an emergency. It was an order.”

Technically, Mac had no authority over the Petty Officer, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. “Listen good, Petty Officer,” she said in her best drill sergeant voice. “I’m Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie, and you will get me trough to Admiral Horton. Consider that an order.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

- - -

“Excuse me, Mr. Horton,” the clerk behind the desk of the lobby at the Upham Hotel called when he saw the admiral exit the meeting room. “There’s a woman on the phone demanding to speak with you.”

The older man mumbled something and picked up the phone that was on the counter. “This is Admiral Horton speaking.”

“Admiral Horton,” Mac said sweetly. “This is Sarah Rabb – Commander Rabb’s wife. There is something very important I need to tell him, but I am unable to contact him. Would you happen to know where I could find him?”

“Ma’am, I am not a secretary - - “

Between Horton’s attitude and a kick from the baby, Mac was in no mood to play games. “Look here, squid. I’m about to have a baby – a baby,” she emphasized incase he didn’t understand. “And I would really like it if my husband would be here for this.”

“I’m afraid –“

“If you won’t help me get my husband home, I will personally kick your six from here to Japan. Got that? – Sir!”

“Commander Metzel!” Horton called to Harm’s partner. “Tell Commander Rabb I need to see him now.”

“Yes, sir,” the young officer replied.

- - -

Lt. Cmdr. Erin Metzel knocked on the door to Harm’s hotel room.

Harm had an enormous headache and he hoped that if ignored the knocking it would go away.

“Commander Rabb?” Erin asked as she continued to knock on the door. She waited a few beats before knocking again. “Commander Rabb, I know you’re in there! Commander!”

Harm sighed and slowly made his way to the door. “Something wrong?” He asked casually.

“Admiral Horton wants to see you downstairs in the lobby.” Erin explained. “Now,” she emphasized.

“Tell him I’m not here,” Harm mumbled.

“He was on the phone …”


“I think he was talking to your wife, sir,” she verified.

That was all Harm needed to hear before heading to the lobby.

- - -

“Commander Rabb, I just spoke to your wife.” The Admiral said.

“Is she alright, sir?”

“Not exactly.”

The color drained from Harm’s face, “What does “not exactly” mean, sir?”

“You’re about to be a father again, Commander.”

Harm’s mouth formed a perfect “o” shape.

“You wife is pretty feisty, isn’t she?”

“She can be, sir.”

“You know, she called me a “squid” and threatened to kick my six to Japan if I didn’t get you home.”

“She was Maine, sir,” Harm tried to explain. “– Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie, she was a JAG lawyer also.”

“That will explain it. There’s a military flight returning to San Diego – it leaves in twenty minutes. So if you hurry, you might make it.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Aye-aye, sir,” Harm turned around and started to walk towards the stairs.

“Oh, and Commander …” Horton continued.

Harm turned around once again, “Sir?”


Harm smiled, “Thank you, sir.”

Horton walked away and mumbled something about the Navy and the Marines under his breath.

- - -

“Breathe in … and out,” McCall encouraged.

Breathing heavily, Mac responded, “You ought out to try this then!”

“More ice chips?”

Mac managed to nod her head. “Is … Is Harm here?” she asked tiredly.

“No, not yet. I just talked to him and he said he’s on his way.”

“And where … where’s Chloe?”

“In the waiting room.”

“Oh.” Mac took a few more breaths before she had another contraction. “Ugh!” she winced.

- - -

“Dr. Kesner!” a familiar voice called.

Annie turned around. “Commander Rabb! You’re here.”

“Did I miss it?”


Harm released a huge sigh of relief.

“It shouldn’t be long, though. Probably by the time I’m done with my rounds.”

“And Sarah … how is she?”

“She’s in a lot of pain,” Annie answered honestly, “and the endometriosis isn’t helping any. It’s only making things worse. Which, I’m sure you are already aware of.”

“And there’s nothing you can give her for the pain. Correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct. With Sarah’s past drinking problem, there isn’t anything I can prescribe.”

“Uh, what room is she in?”

Annie smiled, “I was just going to bring her some more ice chips. So, follow me, Harm.”

- - -

“Where is my husband?!” Mac asked McCall.

McCall pointed to the doorway.

“I’m here now, Mac,” Harm said as he made his way over to her.

“This baby is all Rabb!” she muttered. “Like father like son. We know one thing for sure …”

“What’s that?”

“He has you awful sense of timing!” Once the contraction wore off, Mac studied Harm. “You came straight here – you’re still in uniform.”

“Of course I came straight here, Mac.”

Annie chimed in, “That uniform must be pretty uncomfortable. I can have a nurse bring you up some scrubs.”

“That would be wonderful,” Harm said.

“Okay,” Annie said before leaving.

“Well,” McCall started to walk towards the door, “I’m going to go check on Chloe.”

“Thanks for staying with Mac,” Harm said.

“There’s no need to thank me, Harm. That’s what friends are for.”

- - -

“Well?” Chloe asked when she saw McCall enter the waiting room.

“Harm’s with her now.”

“He’s here?”

“Yeah,” McCall smiled.

“I knew it!”

McCall took the seat next to Chloe, “Knew what?”

“That Harm would get here time. He’s always there for Mac. Always.”

“That’s a very sweet thing to say.”

“And he was always there for her, but there’s one time that stands out in my mind when he wasn’t. And it hurt her … very much.”


“See, Mac was going to marry this Australian – Mic Brumby …” And Chloe told the story of Harm and Renee and Mac and Mic.

- - -

“Did you ever think about being a doctor?” Mac asked when Harm returned wearing scrubs.

“No. Why? Do you like what you see?” he asked with a smirk.

“Eh. It’s okay.”

Harm looked disappointed. “Only okay?”

“I prefer the dress whites. And … the only thing better than … a man with gold wings and Navy dress whites … is … is … a … Marine … in …” she trailed off.

“A Marine in dress blues,” he softly finished for her.

“Harm … I can’t do this. I’m too tired.”

“Mac, you can do it. I know you can.”

“No, I can’t. Too …. Tired. It’s hurts too much … I … I … can’t do this, Harm.”

“Yes, you can, Sarah.”

“My back hurts. … It’s too much – too much pain.”

“Come on, where’s that Marine I married?”

“You didn’t marry a Marine,” Mac corrected.

“Now, what was it that you used to say? Oh, yeah. ‘Once a Marine … always a Marine.’ ”

- - -

“They’ve been through some pretty tough times,” McCall commented once Chloe finished.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “And that’s only part of it. But like I said, they love each other so very much. I know they’ll always be there for each other.”

“It sounds like they were destined to be together.”

“I always thought so. – Even if they couldn’t see it themselves. You know, they would have spared a lot of pain if they decided to get married the day they met each other!”

What Chloe had just said struck some chords with McCall. “I can imagine. So, how have you been?”


“Yeah. After everything that has happened recently.”

Chloe laughed nervously, “I guess I’m okay.”

“Is there something you want to talk about?” McCall asked gently.

“Well, yeah … I guess. I would talk to Mac she has been under so much stress lately.”

“I know. You can talk to me if you’d like.”


“Absolutely. And keep in mind – I’m only a phone call away.”

“I’m still afraid … that he’ll be back.”

“It’s okay to be scared.”

“All the time?”

“You’ll be scared for awhile, but it won’t last forever. – Trust me.”

- - -

Two days later …

- - -

“Well,” Harm started as he plopped down in the chair next to Mac’s hospital bed. “DeeDee and Rick should be here with Elizabeth and Jenny soon.”

Mac’s smile was a mile wide, “I can’t wait to see them.”

“They miss you a lot.”

“I should be getting out of here soon.”

“Don’t push it,” Harm warned. “Dr. Kesner will release you when she thinks you’re ready.”

“But I want to go home now,” Mac complained. “I hate hospitals – and hospital beds! I can’t even sleep on this poor excuse for a mattress!”

“You’ll be home before you know it.”

Mac pushed her dinner off to the side and looked at the picture of Mathew Rabb – their son. “We made this happen!” she exclaimed.

Harm flashed his famous Rabb smile, “We sure did. Your uncle Matt would be proud.”

Mac sighed, “I wish that Mathew would be able to meet the man his was named after.”

“Me too.” Trying to be optimistic, he added, “Maybe someday he will.”

“Harm! Uncle Matt stole the Declaration of Independence!”

“And think about that. If he wouldn’t have stole it, we probably wouldn’t have met.”

“Uncle Matt always did know what was best for me.”

- - -

“Alright,” Rick said as he stopped the car in front of the hospital. “You three can get out here and I’ll meet you inside.”

“Sounds good,” McCall said as she opened the car door and made her way to the back door.

Hunter did the same. “Are you excited?” he asked Elizabeth as he unbuckled her car seat.

“Yes!” she exclaimed as she clapped her hands. “Yes!”

“And what about you, Miss Jenny?” McCall asked as she picked Jennifer up.

“Yep!” Jenny said with much enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I bet you are,” DeeDee agreed.

“Oh, don’t forget this.” Hunter handed McCall a small box wrapped with blue wrapping paper.

“I almost did,” McCall said as she tucked the box under her right arm and then took a hold of the little girls’ hands, “Thanks.”

Hunter smiled, “No problem.” Then he started to get back into the car, “I’ll be right up.”

“Okay,” McCall smiled back, “We’ll look for you.” She then turned her attention back to Elizabeth and Jennifer. “Ready?” she asked.

“Ready!” Lizzy answered loudly with much excitement.

“Ssh,” DeeDee said. “We have to use “inside voices” when we go inside.”

“Oops,” Lizzy said in a much softer voice. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay,” DeeDee replied with a smile as they started to walk closer to the entrance.

- - -

Harm took his gaze away from Mac and looked over at the door. “Look who’s here!” he said.

Slowly, the visitors made their way in the room.

Mac tried to move to the center of the bed, but her body protested the sudden movement and she released a groan only loud enough for Harm to hear.

“Should I get a doctor?” he whispered.

She shook her head, “No, I’m fine.”

Jennifer and Elizabeth tightened the grip they had on DeeDee’s hands.

“Mommy sick?” Jenny asked softy.

“Mommy have an ouchie?” Elizabeth asked quietly.

Harm picked up his two daughters, “No, Mommy isn’t sick. She just has to stay here `till we can bring Mathew home.”

“Oh,” the little girls said.

“Here,” Harm gently sat Lizzy and Jenny on the end of the bed.

Mac patted the empty spots next to her, “Come sit by Mommy.”

Lizzy and Jenny looked up at Harm, signaling they wanted his approval.

“Go on,” he said. “Just be careful … and don’t sit on Mommy’s lap yet, sit next to her.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Jenny said before cautiously crawling up to Mac.

Mac dropped a kiss on the top of Lizzy’s head, and Jenny’s as well. “Mommy missed you so much.”

“Miss you, too, Momma,” Elizabeth replied.

“Yeah,” Jenny agreed. “Guess what! Guess what!”

“What?” Mac asked.

“DeeDee and Rick gots the baby a present!”

Mac looked over at McCall, “They didn’t have to get Mathew a gift.”

“Rick and I wanted to,” DeeDee said. “Really, we did.”

Then Hunter came in, “Room for one more?”

Mac smiled, “Yeah! We were just talking about the gift you and DeeDee got Mathew.”

McCall started to hand Mac the gift, “Here.”

“Thanks.” Mac carefully began to remove the wrapping paper. “Oh, it’s adorable!” she gushed.

“You like it?” Hunter asked.

Mac held up the baby police officer outfit, “Like it? I love it! Harm, look.”

“We’re glad you like,” McCall said. “Hunter and I couldn’t decide if we should get a Navy or Marine one. So we played it safe and got that instead.”

Mac laughed, “Smart move.”

- - -

An hour later Jennifer and Elizabeth announced that they were hungry.

“McCall and I can take them to the cafeteria,” Hunter offered.

“Okay,” Harm nodded. “If you don’t mind.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem.”

Harm said to Lizzy and Jenny, “Rick and DeeDee are going to take you to get something to eat. Okay?”


“And then I’ll meet you there and we can go see Mathew again.”


“Bye-bye, Mommy,” Jenny waved as they left.

“I’ll see you in a little bit,” Mac waved. Once she was sure they were gone, Mac to turned Harm. “We have mission.”


“Did you see how Rick and DeeDee look at each other?”


“They are meant to be together!”

“Mac, let’s not get in the middle of this,” Harm warned.

“We won’t get in the middle,” Mac explained. “We’ll force them to see what we see.”

“What are we going to do? Use duress?”

“Harm, who do they remind you of?”

“I don’t know.”


“Us?” Harm repeated.

“Uh, yeah! They’re dancing to the same song we danced to for nine years! I wonder how long they’ve been doing that …”

“Mac, are you sure about this?”

“Very sure. We’re gonna play “Matchmaker”.”

- - -


- - -

Thanks for reading, and for putting up with all my typos. I am a teacher, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect! Plus, I just don’t have the time to edit this over and over again to make sure I caught all my mistakes.


Check back for the sequel – “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Sneak peak –

DeeDee and Mac were in the kitchen loading up the dishwasher when Mac asked the question, “When you look at Rick, what do you see?”

Caught off guard, McCall responded with, “What do you mean?”

“Do you love him?”

= = =

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