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 Post subject: San Diego Blues - Chapter Two
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 7:12 pm 
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San Diego Blues – Chapter Two

- - -
Joint Legal Service Center Southwest (aka San Diego JAGC HQ)
02 July 2008
1516 Local
San Diego, CA
- - -
The sound of a cell-phone ringing twice, stopping and then ringing again broke the silence of the courtroom and it took Harm a second to realize that it was his cell-phone ringing.

“Commander Rabb, is that a cell-phone you brought into my courtroom?” the judge asked.

“Uh, yes, sir.”


Harm didn’t want to play this card, but being that the judge was a Marine he did anyway. “You see, sir, my wife, former Marine and JAG lawyer Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie, is seven months pregnant …”

The judge cut him off, “That was your wife calling you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How do you know that if you never looked at your phone?”

“We have a system.” That was very true. It was a system that they established when Mac a pregnant with the girls.

“A system?”

“That’s correct, sir.”


When Harm approached the judge’s bench the cell-phone stopped ringing.

The judge continued and lowered his voice, “Being that I’m a family man myself, Commander, I understand. Call your wife back.”

“Yes, sir … and thank you, sir.”

Once Harm returned to the prosecution table, the judge made his announcement, “This court-martial will reconvene at this time tomorrow unless otherwise noted,” with that said he banged he gavel and left.

Before Harm knew it his phone rang again.

“Something is very wrong,” he thought.

“Rabb,” he said into the phone.

“Harm!” Mac cried.

“Mac? What’s wrong?” he asked alarmed. “Are-are you okay?”

“It’s Chloe … and … and Jenny and Elizabeth,” she said in between sobs.

“What about them?”

“They’re not here.”

“Slow down, Mac. Maybe they went for a walk.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“There’s no note, Chloe’s car is here, the girls didn’t even finish their snack and when I came home the TV in the kitchen was on. Harm, something isn’t right.”

“Okay, I’m on my way home.”

“I don’t want you to hang up,” she helplessly. “I-I need to hear your voice … and know that you’re okay.”

“Sh-sh. Honey, I’m okay. I need you to call the police, though …” Harm stopped dead in his tracks when he reached the parking lot and saw that his car wasn’t there. He looked all over the parking lot and it became clear that his car was stolen, “ … What the hell?”

“Harm, are you okay?”

“Yeah … yeah. But my car was stolen.” It was supposed to be a statement, but it sounded more like a question.


“Call the police, tell them what you just told me. Also tell them that my car was stolen from the JAG Headquarters in San Diego and that I’ll file a formal report when I get there.”

“O-okay. I can do that.”

“I’m gonna catch a cab … I’ll be right there.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mac. I love you, too.”

- - -
En route to the San Diego Police Department
1520 Local
- - -

“Oh, will you knock that off, Hunter?! He is not a wimp!” Lt. DeeDee McCall said to her partner, Lt. Rick Hunter. They were just coming back from lunch and all Hunter did was tell her that her date, Don, from the night before was a wimp.

“Yes, he is, McCall. Do you have a thing for wimps? As I recall, this isn’t the first wimp you dated.”

“Give it a rest! He is not a wimp!” McCall protested.

Their “friendly fight” was cut short when the dispatcher’s voice came over the radio, “Attention all units – a possible kidnapping occurred at 6980 Midland Heights Circle. Please respond code three.”

McCall looked at Hunter and he nodded. She picked up the microphone and said, “This is unit 48, we will respond to code three. “

“Unit 48, you are rolling.”

Hunter flipped on the sirens and turned the car around as they headed for 6980 Midland Heights Circle.

- - -
Rabb Residence
1528 Local
- - -

Unit 48 and the cab pulled up in front of the Rabb home at the same time.

Harm approached Hunter and McCall, “Commander Rabb,” he said to them. “My wife is the one who called.”

“I’m Lt. Hunter,” Rick said, “And this is my partner, Lt. McCall.”

“Sir, Ma`am,” he said with a nod of the head. “Let’s go inside.”

When the three of them were walking up the driveway, the front door flew open. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re home, Harm!” Mac sobbed.

Harm put his arm around his wife’s shoulders, “Lieutenants, this is my wife, Sarah Rabb. Mac, this is Lt. Hunter and that is Lt. McCall.”

“Hello,” Mac said after she wiped a few tears away. “Come in.”

“Thank you,” Hunter said.

McCall asked, “Do you have a recent picture we could use?”

“Yes, follow me, ma’am.”

McCall followed Mac down the hall to the living room.

“You and your husband have three daughters?” she asked when she all the pictures lined up on the fireplace mantel.

“No. The twins are ours. Chloe is my “sister” from a mentor program I became involved in years ago. She is staying with us while her father is deployed in Japan.”

“I see. Well, they’re all beautiful.”

“Thank you. Umm, let’s see,” Mac looked over the pictures. “This is the most recent one. It’s from Memorial Day.”

McCall looked at the picture.

Mac continued, “This one, with the straight brown hair is Jennifer, and the other one, with the curly brown hair is Elizabeth. As you know, that’s me, that’s my husband and next to me is Chloe.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Rabb.”

When the two ladies returned to kitchen Harm was filing his formal complaint about his stolen car to the uniformed officer. “It’s a black, four door Lincoln Navigator, and this is a copy of the insurance policy.”

“Thank you, sir. I’ll get the word out.” Then that officer left and another one came in.

“Lt. Hunter,” the new officer said. “Do you have a minute?”


“Can you come with me please?”


“Thank you.”

- - -

“What’s going on?” Hunter asked when they got outside.

“Hunter, this is Martha Jenkins. She lives across the street. Ms. Jenkins, will you tell him what you told me?”

“Of course,” Ms. Jenkins said. “Earlier this morning I was outside with Fluffy when I saw Commander Rabb come home. He seemed like he was in a hurry. When I asked what was going on he told me that Mrs. Rabb was taken to the ER. And then he left with, Chloe, Jennifer, and Elizabeth.”

“Do you happen to know the exact time?”

“Umm. Let me think a moment. I’d say around eleven … eleven thirty at the latest – It was right before ‘The Price Is Right’ comes on.”

Hunter jotted down a few notes, “Anything else?”

“I’m not sure if it’s important …”

“Anything may help, Ms. Jenkins.”

“Fluffy was barking like crazy when she saw the Commander. And I don’t know why, either. She likes him and never barks when he is around.”

Hunter nodded, “Thanks for your time.” He watched Ms. Jenkins be escorted back to her house with another police officer. “Is the Amber Alert out?” he asked the officer that was still standing there.


- - -

“McCall, can I have a word with you?” Hunter asked when he returned inside.


When McCall reached Hunter he briefly told her what Martha Jenkins told him.

“You think we should question them now?”

“I guess. Let’s try not to upset them too much. Mrs. Rabb already looks pretty stressed out and it probably wouldn’t be good for her or the baby,” McCall said.

“I know.”

Hunter and McCall returned to the family room to find Harm and Mac looking through, what appeared to be, a family photo album.

“Excuse us,” McCall said.

Harm and Mac looked up.

“We have a few questions,” Hunter said.

“Okay,” Mac said.

“Now, before we begin, we would like to remind of your rights. Both of you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney,” McCall said.

Both, Harm and Mac, nodded.

McCall continued, “With that said, would either one of you like to have an attorney present?”

Harm said, “No, ma’am,” and Mac shook her head.

“Are you sure?” Hunter asked, just to be certain.

“I am a lawyer with the JAG Corps and my wife was also a JAG lawyer in the past … we know the law. Besides, we have nothing to hide.”

Hunter and McCall didn’t know what to say so they simply nodded their heads.

“Uh, Mrs. Rabb,” McCall said, “Why don’t we sit outside and talk? You know, get some fresh air.”

“Yeah, that might be a good idea,” Mac said. She squeezed Harm’s hand once again before she exited out to the deck with McCall.

- - -

“Uh, have a seat, ma’am,” Mac said to McCall.

DeeDee forced a smile, “Thank you.”

“Where would you like to begin?”

“The beginning I guess.”


“What was this morning like?”

“Typical. Harm left at seven and I left at a quarter after. Then at eight-thirty Harm met me at the doctor’s office for my appointment. At about nine o’clock we left. Harm went back to work and so did I.”

“In separate cars?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Where were the children when you left for your appointment, Mrs. Rabb?”

“Jenny and Lizzy were asleep and Chloe was finishing some laundry for me.”

- - -

“Well,” Harm started. “I left for work around seven. Mac had a doctor’s appointment at eight-thirty, so I met her there. We got out of there around nine and then I went straight to JAG because I had to prepare for a court-martial.”

“You never came back home between seven and noon?”

“Not at all.”

“We have a witness that places you here around eleven and eleven thirty. They said that you told them that Mrs. Rabb was in the ER. Then, they saw your daughters and Chloe getting into the car with you and driving away.”

“That’s impossible, sir. I was in this court-martial all day. There are twelve jurors, a judge, the admiral, the defense attorney and her client that will all tell you I was there from nine thirty up to the time my wife called me around 1500 hours.”

“What about lunch?”

“I ate lunch with my supervisor, Admiral Horton, in the conference room.

“The same admiral that was in the courtroom?”

“That would be correct, sir.”

“What time did you eat lunch with Admiral Horton?”

Harm was getting really fed up, “Noon to one.”

- - -

“Mrs. Rabb, this may be difficult for you to hear but you have a right to know.”

“Know what?”

“A witness says she saw your husband leave with the girls around eleven. When she asked where they were going your husband said that you were and the ER and they were going to be with you.”

“What?! That’s impossible. No way. No, no, no, no. No!”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Harm had a court-martial all day practically and his car was stolen. - Oh, God!”

“What’s wrong?” McCall asked alarmed. “Are you okay?”

“Excuse me,” Mac said quickly as she stood and headed for the door.

McCall, wondering what was going on, followed.

- - -

“I’m telling you, it wasn’t me!” Harm stated yet again.

“Are you saying that someone dressed up like you just so they could kidnap your kids?”

“The only person that would be able to pull a stunt like that off would be … “

Mac pulled open the door and Harm stood up, “Palmer!” they exclaimed at the same time.

- - -

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