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 Post subject: San Diego Blues – Chapter Six
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 7:19 pm 
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San Diego Blues – Chapter Six

- - -

McCall turned of the car and sighed as leaned back against the seat and shut her eyes. “Let’s hope I’m doing the right thing,” she said.

- - -

As Hunter put a file aside, Harriet reached for another.

“Maybe San Diego is comfort zone,” Hunter suggested. “That would explain why they’re still in the city.”

“He has a good point,” Harriet agreed.

“I don’t think that’s it,” AJ said.

“Why not, sir?” Harriet asked.

“Palmer is so skilled at what he does. Anyplace can be his comfort zone. Besides, I think he’s staying in the city for another reason.”

“Another reason?” Bud asked.

“Yeah. He want’s Harm to always look of his shoulder. Sleep with one eye open. That’s the way he always wanted it. For the time being, I think Chloe and Elizabeth and Jennifer are safe,” he admitted.

“Safe?!” Mac asked. “Safe?! You think they’re safe?! With him?!”

“Maybe the Admiral is right,” Harm said aloud.

“Red light, Rabb! Red light!”

“Try to calm down, Mac,” AJ said.

Mac shook her head, “I can’t take this anymore.” She got up from the table and walked over to the door that led to the garage. She slid her slippers off and put on her shoes.

Harm got up and followed. “Whoa. Wait a second. Where are you going?” Harm asked.

“Out,” she said plainly.

“Out where?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I need to get outta here for a little bit. Don’t you dare try to stop me,” she whispered. “Don’t even waste your breath trying.” She walked down a little hallway that led to the laundry room.

“Mac,” Harm said as he followed.

Mac ignored him and opened the closet to take out one of her longer coats.

“Be careful, Mac.”

Mac looked at him and couldn’t decide if you wanted to punch him or kiss him. So, she settled for taking a hold of his hands and bringing them up to her cheek. “I’ll be back soon,” she assured him before she walked back to the kitchen.

“Um, Colonel,” Harriet spoke up. “Would you like some company?”

Mac didn’t even need to think it over, “Yes, Harriet.” All she knew was she didn’t want to be alone, but she couldn’t stand to be in the house anymore.

“Okay. I’ll go with you.”

- - -

McCall stepped out of the car and started to walk up the sidewalk to the house. Dogs howling in the distance gave her and eerie feeling. “You can do this, McCall,” she said to herself. “It’s a safe, upper-class neighborhood. Besides I’m a cop … with a gun. I can take care of myself. I kinda wish Hunter were here. But if he were here, that’d ruin the plan.” She knocked on the door, “Here we go.”

Not long after she knocked on the door, it opened. “Hi,” she said to the person on the other side.

- - -

“Where are we going?” Harriet asked Mac as she stopped at a red light.

Mac sighed, “I’m not sure. Wal-Mart? … I-I don’t really know. I just know I’m glad you came with me.”

“I don’t think you should be alone at a time like this.”

“And you’re right. I shouldn’t be alone. God only knows what kind of trouble I’d get myself into …”


“Do you remember when I was being stalked?”

“By the cop?”

“Yeah. You don’t know what happened, do you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I was scared … Confused … Lost … And I had an urge to drink. I wanted it to wash all my problems away like it did before I joined the Marines … I wanted to go back to before – when I was just Sarah MacKenzie and not Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie, the Marine. So I went to the bar.”

Harriet knew that Mac had a drinking problem in the past, “You had the drink?”

Mac nodded, “Yeah … and I got drunk. Really drunk.”

“What happened?”

“A drunken me went back to JAG,” she paused. “I said some pretty nasty things to Harm. I can’t believe he didn’t get mad! Well, yeah. He was upset, but he wasn’t mad. I didn’t even want to face him, but do you know what he said? … He kept telling be that I could stay sober. I had all those years of sobriety to think of, and that I could get back on the wagon.”

“And you did,” Harriet pointed out.

“Yeah. I did … but I’m still afraid.”

“Afraid that you might fall off again?”

“Yes,” she admitted softly. “I’m at a good place in my life - I finally have the life I dreamed of. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters, and a son on the way – I don’t want to mess this up.”

- - -

“DeeDee!” the man said. “Did you finally come to take me up on that offer? You know, that date is still on the table.”

McCall silently scoffed. She hated this man. “Huh. Maybe. But I need a favor first.”

The man was surprised, “Oh. Come in, then.” He stepped back and opened the door wider.

McCall forced a smile, “Thank you.”

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” they started to walk towards the kitchen. “May I get you anything? Coffee, wine, a sandwich?”

“No. I’m fine.” McCall walked over to the refrigerator and read the newspaper clippings that were on display. “Thank God, he’s retiring in a few months!” She thought. “Some collection you have here,” she said to him.

“What can I say? I’m proud of my work.”

McCall stopped herself from shaking her head. This man crossed the line between being proud and showing off. “So I see … Why do you have this one up? I don’t see anything about you winning a case in this one,” she pointed to a short article.

The man pointed to an underlined sentence and read aloud, “ ‘ADA William Robinson did not make a comment.’”

“Oh,” she responded flatly. “ I see.”

“What’s that favor you need?”

- - -

“I can’t believe I went the store in my pajamas!” Mac exclaimed when she and Harriet were getting in the car.

Harriet laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ve been to the store in my pajamas before too!”

Most of the ride was silent. Harriet had no idea what to say to Mac. Therefore, she was grateful when her cell-phone rang. “Hello,” she answered.

“Everything okay?” Bud asked.

“Everything’s fine. We’re on our way home.”

“The Commander will be relieved. He’s been worrying about the Colonel.”

“I know he has, and like I said, we’ll be home soon.”

- - -

McCall just finished filling William in on The Rabb Case. “Can you help me get that warrant?”

“Anything for you,” he smiled.

“Yuck,” she thought. “Thank you so much. When can you get it?”


“Noo- What? I need it ASAP!”

“Based on what you just told me, I won’t wake a judge up at this hour.”

“So, you’re saying that I have to wait twelve hours?”

“I only know one judge who will sign a warrant based on your theory, and she won’t be back in her office until noon.”

“Okay. Whatever. But if, God forbid, something happens to one of those girls, I will personally hold you responsible. Understand?”

William opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped when McCall stood up from the table. “Where are you going?”

“To the Rabb’s. Call me when you get that warrant.”


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