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 Post subject: San Diego Blues - Chapter Seven
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 7:19 pm 
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San Diego Blues - Chapter Seven

- - -

McCall slowly opened her eyes and let them adjust to the lighting. At first, she didn’t recognize the room, but she then remembered that they had pulled an all-nighter trying to gather information about Palmer.

DeeDee looked over the room. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were on the loveseat, Hunter was in the rocking chair across from the armchair she was in, and the Admiral occupied a space on the floor. She then noted that Mr. and Mrs. Rabb were on the sofa.

She watched as a half-asleep Harmon Rabb dragged himself off of the couch and into the kitchen to start the coffee. McCall was silently debating whether or not to go in there when the phone rang.

Harm pressed the speaker button on the phone, “Rabb,” he said in a strained voice.

“WHERE ARE YOU?!” boomed the voice on the other end.

“Admiral Horton?”


Harm rubbed his eyes, he was lucky if he even got an hour of sleep, “Where am I? It’s 0600 ... I’m at home.”


By now, everyone was up. “What’s going on?” Hunter asked McCall.

“How am I supposed to know?” she snapped and then immediately regretted it, “I’m sorry, Rick. I’m just tired.”

“I know,” he said. “We all are.”

Mac slowly made her way to her husband in the kitchen.

“Where should I be?” Harm thought. “I’m supposed to be on my way to the Patrick Henry for my quals!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, no!” Mac exclaimed. “Not now, Harm. You can’t. You can’t. ”

A clueless McCall turned to Hunter. “What?”

“Qualifications. He’s a pilot.” Hunter explained. “Didn’t you notice his gold wings?”

“Of course I noticed those gold wings!”

“What’s going on?” Harm’s CO asked. “Why “can’t” you?”

“Sir, last night we discovered that my daughters and my wife’s sister were k- … kidnapped. With all due respect, I can’t go.”

“You have to go, Commander. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them. The Skipper wants to kick your six because you’re late.”

“Give me the damn phone,” AJ mumbled as he took the phone off of its dock.

“What are you going to do?” Harm asked.

“I’m gonna have a little chat with him,” AJ answered.

“Admiral to Admiral?” Mac asked.

“Something like that. And if that doesn’t work, it’ll be Navy SEAL to Admiral.” AJ said before stepping out of the room.

“What now?” Harm asked Mac.

Mac looked at the guests. “Anyone hungry?”

There were nods and murmurs of agreement.

“Okay.” Mac opened the freezer and refrigerator. “We have, eggs, hot-pockets, French toast, umm,” she moved to the pantry and continued, “Granola bars, pop-tarts, cereal, oatmeal, crackers …” Mac took some items out of the pantry and set them on the island. “Help yourself.”

Hunter, McCall, Harriet and Bud, all exchanged glances.

Harriet broke the silence and looked at the people around her, “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry,” she said with a shrug. “Let’s go eat.”

The two SDPD officers and Bud followed Harriet into the kitchen.

“Isn’t this a little awkward?” Hunter whispered to McCall.

“Yeah,” she whispered back, “but I am hungry.”

“Me too,” Hunter agreed.

Hunter and Harriet, being the healthy eaters, decided on granola bars, while Bud and McCall picked out pop-tarts.

AJ returned and put the phone back on the dock.

“Well …” Harriet prompted.

“How’d it go?” Mac asked.

“Was I that stubborn?” AJ asked.

“Uh …” Harm thought. “No, sir?”

“I know I was stubborn, but I hope I wasn’t that stubborn!”

“What did he say?” Harm asked, slightly agitated. “Why won’t he get to the point?”

“He said that he’d get you rescheduled.”

Harm and Mac both let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Thank you, sir,” Harm said.

“Thank you so much,” Mac added.

Hunter watched as McCall ran her fingers over the wrapper of the pop-tart to smooth it out. “Where’d you go last night?”

Her eyes dropped to the wrapper she was holding, “I told you. I went to precinct.”

“Okay. You went there, but where else did you go?”

“Why do you think that I went somewhere else?”

“Because I know you, McCall. I can tell. – Where did you go?”

“Let’s not talk about this in here,” she whispered. “Please.”


She nodded.

Hunter excused them and then he and McCall went to the front porch.

“No more games, McCall,” Hunter said. “Where’d you go?”

She cleared her throat, “I went to see ADA Robinson.”

His mouth formed a perfect “o”. “What?”

“I went to see ADA William Robinson,” she repeated.

“I heard that.”

“Well `ya said “what”.”

“I should have asked “why”?

“I thought he could help.”




“I want him to get a warrant.”

“Okay. It’s official. You lost me.”

McCall sighed, “It wasn’t easy, but I did some digging and I found out that Clark Palmer’s mother lived in San Diego. And when she died, she left the house to her daughter. But, form what I understand, her daughter lives in Iowa.”

“Is that why he’s still in San Diego?”

“I-I-‘m not sure. If can’t come up with some more information, we won’t get the warrant until noon.”

“We have to tell them.”


“Yes we do!”

“Hunter, what if I’m wrong? What if this is some kind of wild goose chase?”

AJ opened the door and stepped out, “Mind if I join you?”

Hunter gave McCall a look that said ‘we – aren’t-done –talking – about – this’ before he answered, “Not at all.”

AJ sat in one of the chairs opposite of where Hunter and McCall were standing. “Thanks.”

“I take it you’ve known the Rabbs for quite for a while?”

“Yes, I have.”

“How are they really holding up?”

“Not good. Harm and Mac are very good a burying their emotions and feelings … but I know this tearing them up inside.”

Bud opened the door, “You guys might want to come in.”

“What’s going on?” Hunter asked.

“Chloe’s on the phone. She –“ Bud didn’t even need to finish the sentence because they all hurried inside.

When Hunter and McCall reached the kitchen, they saw Mac sitting at the table holding the cordless phone like a walkie-talkie. “Can you talk long?”

“I’m not sure. I think he’s sleeping.”


“Chloe,” Mac said, trying to stay calm. “Lt. McCall is going to talk to you – ask some questions. Can you answer them for her?” Mac slowly handed the phone over to McCall.

“Hi, Chloe,” DeeDee said. “My name is DeeDee. Now, my partner and I are gonna find you, but we need your help.”

“What if I can’t help?” Chloe asked nervously.

“Just try your best,” Harm said.

DeeDee continued, “Commander Rabb is right.”

“Okay,” she answered in a whisper.

“Alright,” DeeDee looked up to see if Hunter had the notebook and pen. Once he nodded, she continued. “Do you know where you are?”

“We’re at a house. It’s really pretty, … and big.”

“In San Diego?”

“Yeah. I’m positive.”

“What about the address?”

“I’m not sure what the street name is, but I saw the house number – 182. And it’s at the end of a cul-de-sac. There’s a bunch of pictures too. I think they were from when he was little.”

“Okay,” DeeDee said gently. “What happened once you got there?”

“He’s being really nice. He ordered pizza and Lizzy and Jenny watched a movie.”

“Are you three in the same room?”


“Jennifer and Elizabeth are across the hall and he is downstairs. – I have to go I hear footsteps. (click)” the phone went dead.

“That helped,” DeeDee said. “We can get a warrant.”

Harm raised one eyebrow, “Based on that? Are you serious?”

“I found out that Palmer’s mother lived in San Diego. The ADA said that my hunch wasn’t enough to get warrant, and I needed facts. We now have Chloe’s statement, that’s enough to get the warrant.”

Harm was in full lawyer-mode and still had doubts, but he would do whatever it took to bring his family home. He always put them first.

“I’m gonna go see about that warrant.”
- - -

McCall was just about to get into the car, when Harm came out and stopped her.

“Clark Palmer is on the phone,” he said.

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