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 Post subject: San Diego Blues - Chapter One
PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2009 10:32 am 
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San Diego Blues - Chapter One

- - -
Dr. Annie Kesner’s Office
San Diego, CA
02 July 2008
0907 Local
- - -

“Everything is fine, Mrs. Rabb. Your son is doing just fine and so are you.” The doctor said with a warm smile as she reentered the examining room.

Mac placed one hand on her stomach and took hold of Harm’s right hand with the other. “That’s wonderful to know, ma’am.”

“Annie,” the doctor corrected.

“I’m sorry … Annie.” Mac apologized with a smile. “It’s a hard habit to break. I guess that’s what all those years of being in the military do to you.”

“I guess that’s it.” The doctor walked over to the filing cabinet and put a folder away. “So, how are Jennifer and Elizabeth?”

Mac smiled, “They’re great.”

“I bet they are excited about having a brother in two months.”

“I think so.”

“That’s good.”

“Excuse me,” Harm said as he reached for his vibrating cell phone. He shut off the alarm clock and then turned to his wife, “I think we should leave now. I have a court-martial to be at in an hour.”

Mac nodded. “I need to swing by the courthouse on my way home, too, and I have to tie up some lose ends at Baxter & Baxter.”

Annie smiled, “Does that mean you got the job as San Diego’s newest ADA?”

“Yes, but I’m not officially the newest ADA just yet. I’ll start once the baby is a few months old.”

“Oh, that’s terrific!” She walked with the couple to the door. “Well, I don’t want to keep you too long, I have another patient coming.”

“Thanks for your time,” Harm said before he opened the door.

“That’s why I am here. I’ll see the two of you next week.”

- - -
Rabb Residence
02 July 2008
1058 Local
- - -

Chloe watched Jennifer and Elizabeth run and play in the backyard. “Having fun?” she asked when they took a break and joined her on the deck.

“Yes!” they replied.

“That’s good.”

“Chloe, can I ask you a question?” Jennifer asked.

Chloe smiled, “Anything you want.”

“When is Grandpa coming?”

“One more day.”

“Why does Grandpa wait till the end of summer to come?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was the only time he could get a plane ticket, besides summer isn’t over for two more months.”


“And ya know what else?”


“Grandpa is gonna stay for a while and help when you baby brother is born.”


“Yeah.” Chloe looked up when she heard the gate open. “Harm? What are you doing home so soon?” She quickly glanced at her watch “It’s only a quarter after eleven.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a problem,” he said.

“Problem? What kind of problem?”

“Uh, Jenny, Elizabeth, why don’t you two go inside and get something to drink?”

“Okay, Daddy,” Elizabeth answered.

Chloe lowered her voice, “What’s going on? And are you sick? Your voice sounds funny.”

“There’s a bug going around.” He looked to make sure that the girls were in the kitchen. “Mac was taken to the ER.”

“Oh, my God! What happened? Is she having the baby?”

“They didn’t tell me much. We need to get there now.”

“Um, okay. I’ll get the girls and my cell-phone and then meet you in the front.”

“You don’t need your phone …”

Chloe just looked at him.

“What I mean is you can’t use it at the hospital anyway.”

“Okay … I think.”

Chloe went inside and Harm walked to the front.

When Harm got to the front, his neighbor was outside with her little white Maltese named Fluffy. When Fluffy saw Harm she started barking.

“Stop that Fluffy!” the owner scolded. “You know Commander Rabb.”

The dog still kept barking.

“I’m sorry, Commander, I just don’t know what has gotten into her. She’s never like this when you’re around. She likes you.”

“That’s alright, ma’am.”

“We’re ready, Harm,” Chloe said when she came out of the house the Lizzy and Jenny.

“What’s going on?” the neighbor asked.

“Um, I just got a call and Sarah is at the hospital.”

“Oh, dear. Will Mrs. Rabb be okay?”

“I don’t really know much right now.”

“If you need anything feel free to call.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate that.”

“Well, you better get going. Your wife needs you.”

- - -

Rabb Residence
02 July 2008
1506 Local
- - -

“Anyone home?” Mac called when she entered the house.

No answer.

“Chloe? Jenny! Lizzy! Where are you guys? Hello!”

When she entered the kitchen she saw two half-eaten apples on the table and two empty juice boxes next to them. “Chloe, what’s going on?” she called again. “This isn’t funny! Where are you?”

Mac picked up the phone and dialed Chloe’s cell-phone number, but she hung up when she heard it ringing on the kitchen table.

Cautiously, she looked through the rest of the house. When nothing was found, she didn’t know if that was bad thing or a good thing. It was then when she decided to call Harm. She had a feeling she couldn’t shake. Something was wrong.

- - -

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