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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 61
PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:38 pm 
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(Part 61)

She ran her fingertips across the pendant on her necklace as one of her usual nervous habits; thinking of Rick’s two o’clock departure for the next day. She looked at him and sighed at the inevitable. “I guess you should start packing.”

“Yeah. I guess.” He replied softly. “Are you sure you don’t want Celise to come with to the airport? She could keep you company during the ride home.”

“I’m sure. I just want us to be alone for as long as possible.” Dee Dee tucked her hair behind her ears. “During the drive back, I just want to think of us and listen to our favorite songs. It’s what I need to do.” She offered a gentle smile. “I”ll be fine.”

“Okay. I understand.” Rick stood to help her up and followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and quielty began folding his shirts while he began gathering items from the drawers. Feeling quite gloomy himself, Rick couldn’t find the proper words to console her, so he gave up. They both worked in silence for several minutes.
Sensing the thickening tension between them, Rick decided to try once again at making an effort to ease it. “Are you looking forward to getting back to the kids at the center?” He glanced at Dee Dee while he put more items into his bag.

“Yeah, I am. The little time I put in since you’ve been here was nice, but I do miss them.” Dee Dee smiled as cheerfully as possible. “I’ve got to get back into the swing of things at the law firm, too.”

Rick sat beside her and took her hand. I’m glad you’re ready to get back into it, and I know everyone will be glad to have you back.”

Before she could reply, the twins caught her attention. She gasped lightly at the motion and moved her hand from Rick’s to her stomach.

He leaned over to rest his chin atop her head and then placed his hand on her stomach. “I feel them moving.” His voice was cheery and bright. “I love how that feels.”

Dee Dee nodded. “They’re going to miss you, too. They were probably just getting used to hearing your….” Her voice faltered with emotion. “Hearing your voice.”

“Hey, don’t cry.” Rick pulled her into his arms. His words were wasted as she began to cry harder and sink deeper into his arms. He held back his own tears while trying to be of comfort. “I know it’s hard, but it’ll be okay. And if you want to cry, then go ahead. Just let it out.” He handed her a tissue and stroked her hair as she cried against his shoulder.

After several minutes, she gently pulled herself apart from Rick and looked up into his eyes. “I want to be in your arms as much as possible tonight.” Her voice was poignantly soft. “I want to make love with you all night.”

“I want the very same thing.” Rick replied in a gentle tone and kissed her lips. “I hate to think of it, but it may be quite a while before we’re together again.”

Being reminded of that fact, Dee Dee could only nod in agreement as she lowered her head while the tears trailed her cheeks.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Rick realized how harsh his comment sounded. “We won’t be apart that long. I’ll be back as soon as I can get away” He gently took Dee Dee’s face into his hands. . Listen to me. For as long as we live, nothing will keep us apart forever. Nothing and no one will keep us apart. I mean that.”

Dee Dee felt bad for making him feel guilty over something he had no control over. “I know. I’m sorry if I keep making it seem like I’m blaming you for having to leave. Believe me. I don’t.”

“I know. I’ve never felt that way.” Rick offered a consoling tone. “But we’ve got our wedding to look forward to in a few weeks. You can’t get married without me.” He laughed, but was unsuccessful at having Dee Dee laugh along with him. She barely cracked a smile.

“I know. I’ll be okay.” Dee Dee cleared her throat and put her hand over Rick’s which had returned to its place on her belly. “I’ve got these two little soccer players and or gymnasts to keep me company and to remind me of you.” She managed weak smile and sighed. “Now, let’s get this packing done and get to that apple cobbler.”

“You’re reading my mind again.” Rick smiled at seeing Dee Dee begin to perk up. “Oh, and don’t forget about my camera. I’ll be taking a few snapshots of you before I go.”

“Oh, I hope you don’t expect anything too risqué.” Dee Dee smiled. “You do realize that someone else will see them while they’re being developed.”

“Ooh, right.” Rick replied to the reminder. “Well, you can hold up your top just enough for me to get some shots of that beautiful bare belly, and I want some of that gorgeous face. Oh, and those sexy legs, that cute ****, and those curvy hips.” He bent down to kiss her tenderly on the lips. “Are you blushing?” He asked when they parted.

“No.” Dee Dee’s face grew warmer and redder.

“Yes, you are.” Rick smiled and pulled her close to him. “You’re so cute when you blush.” He placed his lips on hers again and was mildly distracted by the beep of the oven’s timer. “Don’t move. I’ll take the cobbler out of the oven.” He quickly returned with two small dishes of the dessert and two spoons. “Do we even need dishes and utensils?” He smiled mischievously.

“Hmm. Probably not.” Dee Dee answered with a seductive tone. After Rick put the dishes on the nightstand, he removed his shirt and pulled Dee Dee close. She placed a gentle but arousing kiss on his neck and continued on to his lips. Without breaking the kiss which quickly intensified, she leaned back onto the bed with one hand behind Rick’s neck, gently pulling him on top of her. He slowly moved one hand toward the buttons on her blouse; little by little pulling each one open to reveal her red satin bra. When he finally took a breath, he caught sight of the lacy garment which barely contained her full breasts. He trailed the edges of the satin and lace with his tongue, every so slightly teasing Dee Dee’s skin with the action. Each of her sighs of pleasure made him want her even more.

“There’s more waiting for you.” Dee Dee announced with a breathy tone.

Rick lifted her hips from the bed and slipped her pants off, revealing red satin panties.
He sighed contently at the sight; his mind flooded with memories of the last time she wore a very similar set; quite possibly the very night their twins were conceived.
Feeling the constraint of his pants against his arousal, he quickly stood and peeled them off. While gazing down at the love of his life, he took a dish of cobbler from the table. “I’m ready for dessert.” He said in a lustful tone.

Dee Dee recalled the last time they fed each other the treat and made herself available to be Rick’s ‘plate’ once again. Like before, she extended her hands above her head. Rick took in the glorious sight and began to slowly spoon the apple treat over Dee Dee’s skin. She moaned softly with the warmth. Rick put the dish on the table and slowly positioned himself in order to get a taste of each of the treats that lay before him. Starting with gentle nibbles on her breasts, Rick allowed his tongue to slowly glide downward to Dee Dee’s rounded tummy. Inch by inch he teased her while enjoying her succulent flavor of her bare skin that would soon mingle on his tongue with the fruit dessert. Dee Dee’s heart rate grew more rapid as Rick continued to tease. When he finally reached the apple treat, he licked up the juices that were trailing down the sides of Dee Dee’s stomach. H then took a chunk of apple between his teeth and moved up to allow her to take a bite and quickly moved back to finish the remaining treat on her tummy. Dee Dee arched her back and moaned blissfully as the tongue-to-skin action intensified. Once Rick finished, he hovered over Dee Dee and planted a firm kiss on her lips. When they took time for a breath, Dee Dee instructed Rick to lie on his stomach. She slowly poured the warm contents of the second dish onto his back from the area between his shoulder blades down to his waistline. She eagerly lapped up the fruity juices, every-so-lightly sinking her teeth into the toned flesh of Rick’s muscular back. He groaned with pleasure from each nibble she placed into his skin.

“Turn over.” Dee Dee whispered into his ear.

As soon as he did, she straddled his body and leaned down as far as her belly would allow and kissed him full on the lips; her soft dark hair tickling his shoulders and face. When she sat up, he placed his hands on either side of her stomach and let his hands glide up and down several times from her hips to her breasts. She shivered at his touch; the touch which aroused her to wanting him to make love to her. With a lick of her lips and a seductive look in her eyes, Dee Dee again recalled her actions from the very similar night around six months earlier. Just as she’d done then, she slowly moved from Rick and balanced herself on her knees beside him. Having stripped her completely naked, Rick sat up and ran his tongue across her breasts while gently stroking the sides of them.. He studied the glorious form before him; wanting and needing to have it become one with is own. As the cool breeze touched Dee Dee where her panties no longer protected, she felt her body tingle with the draft combined with the thoughts of Rick being the one to soon give her the proper warmth her body craved.
Holding onto the headboard, she sighed and moaned in pleasure while Rick’s hands made their way up from her petite and polished toes, to her toned calves, her firm thighs and beyond.
Rick began to tug at the waist band of his shorts, but Dee Dee stopped him.

“Let me.” She purred and then leaned over to take the front of the band into her teeth.

Rick moaned; remembering the times she’d performed this act before. He thought he’d explode before she was finished with her task, but he maintained.

Once they were both completely stripped, Dee Dee returned to her position of straddling Rick, but this time she accepted him inside of her.

“Are you going to scream for me tonight?” Rick asked in a husky tone.

“Absolutely.” Dee Dee answered with an impish grin. “Anything you want from me, you’ve got it.”
_ _ _ _

(The next day)

“If you don’t stop taking pictures, you’ll miss your flight.” Dee Dee announced while holding her blouse above her stomach.

“We’ll make it in plenty of time.” Rick replied. “I need lots of pictures to show my mom, not to mention a few thousand for myself.”

“You took about a million this morning while I was in my shorts and your t-shirt. Thank goodness you finally let me get dressed.”

“I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t take any of you while you were naked.” Rick closed his eyes. “Naked…hmm.”

“Hey.” Dee Dee snapped her fingers. “Get your mind off my naked body and let’s get going.”

“A few more pictures, okay? I’m proud to have you to show off to everyone. I love that that beautiful belly.” Rick moved to Dee Dee and bent down to kiss her stomach and stood up to kiss her quickly on the lips. “Come on. Just a few more. I’m so proud that I can’t help myself.”

Dee Dee gave in with a sigh and a smile. Though slightly aggravated and becoming a bit tired, she did enjoy the attention, and most of all, the fact that Rick was so proud to want so many pictures of her to show off.
--- ---

Are you sure you have everything?” Dee Dee asked before closing the trunk.

“What little I brought, yeah, I have it.” Rick answered.

“Then I guess we’re ready.”

As they two drove along, they talked about plans for the wedding and how they’d keep in touch by phone on a daily basis, and joked about what items to sell in order to pay for their phone bills. When a familiar song came on the radio, Dee Dee had both good and bad memories of it.

“I love this song.” She sighed.

“Oh, Yeah, me too.” Rick replied. “Ambrosia. That’s a great band.”

“I know. ‘Biggest Part of Me’. It’s such a beautiful song. I’d always hoped to have it played at my wedding, but…well, Alex had to mess that up.”


“When he was in LA…before we got married, we drove up a hillside one night to look at the city below. This very song was playing and we slow danced to it. I knew then that I was going to be with him, and I thought the song would be our song, you know? The lyrics are so deep and I just thought we’d live them.”

“But things ended up being horrible instead of happy.” Rick said with sympathy.

“Yes, they did.”

“How about we make this one of our songs?” Rick suggested wholeheartedly. “You don’t ever have to hear it and be reminded of anything that caused you pain. These lyrics say everything I want to do for you, and how you make me feel.”

Dee Dee turned to Rick with tears in her eyes. “Do you mean it?”

“I mean it with all my heart.”

“I feel the same way. Thank you.” Dee Dee wiped away a tear as she turned to look back at the road. “I can’t cry. I won’t be able to see how to drive.” She chuckled.

“Well, by all means, please don’t cry. Maybe I should turn the radio off.” Rick laughed.

“Don’t you dare.” Dee Dee reached over and placed her hand over the knob. “Our song is playing.”
--- ---

“I’ve got my ticket.” Rick said to Dee Dee. “We’ve got about twenty-five minutes before I have to board.”

“Will you hold me for twenty-five minutes?” Dee Dee asked softly.

“Like I told you, and like our song says, I’ll do anything you want.” Rick ushered Dee Dee to a padded bench that was set against the window which overlooked the dozens of planes outside. He put his arm around her while she put her head on his shoulder. Softly, he began to sing some of the lyrics from their song –

Sunrise. There’s a new sun rising (in your eyes) I can
See it in your eyes (and realize) and it keeps me realizing
You’re the biggest part of me….

Make a wish baby, and I will make it come true
Make a list baby, of the things I’ll do for you
Ain’t no risk now. Let my love rain down on you,
So we can wash away the past, so that we may start anew.

Need you close enough to guide me
I’ve been hoping you would find me, you’re the biggest
Part of me, you’re the life that breathes in me….

You’ve changed my life. You’ve made it right. I’ll be a
Servant to you, for the rest of my life....

“Come here.” Rick pulled Dee Dee to her feet. “Dance with me.”

Without any hesitation or embarrassment, Dee Dee began to slowly dance with her fiancé as they both sang the tune ever so softly to one another. When the boarding call for Rick’s plane was announced, he slowly pulled apart from Dee Dee. His heart began to break when he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks. She avoided eye contact for as long as she could; knowing that looking into his eyes would only make it more difficult to say goodbye. Rick’s eyes began to tear as he placed his fingertip beneath her chin to guide her to face him.

“I love you, Dee Dee. We’ll be back together, soon. We will.” Rick sniffled.

“Mm-hm.” It was all that Dee Dee could muster through her tears.

Rick couldn’t bear to leave her standing alone and crying in the airport. He now wished a million times that he had insisted that Michael and Celise come and be with her.
He pulled her close again for two minutes, and then the second call for his plane came over the speaker. He gently pulled himself away from her and looked into her eyes. “Baby, I’m so sorry, but I’ve got to go.” A tear ran down his cheek as he pulled Dee Dee back into his arms once again. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. I want you to go and spend the night with Michael and Celise, okay? I don’t want you to be alone.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dee Dee finally spoke; still clinging to Rick. “I want to be by myself.”

“You’ll be okay to drive home?” Rick shuddered at the thought of Dee Dee being too distraught to drive and getting into an accident. “Give them a call and have them pick you up, here.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be alright. I can make it home safely.”

The third and final call came over the speaker.

“You’d better go.” Dee Dee sniffled and wiped her tears. “Call me as soon as you’re home.” She stepped back from Rick and looked into his eyes. “I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you.” She reached up and behind his neck to pull him into a long and sultry kiss. They parted, stared into each others eyes and joined again in a kiss, but this time one that was much softer, but just as soul-stirring.

“I love you.” Dee Dee said after the kiss was broken.

“I love you, too.” Rick placed his hand on Dee Dee’s belly. “I love the babies.” He bent down and kissed her belly.

“Go.” Dee Dee urged through her tears. “Just go, and be safe.”

Rick turned to see that he was about to miss his flight. “I’ll call you as soon as I’m home.” He began to walk away backward. “Be careful driving home.” His voice grew louder the farther he moved away. “Have Celise come stay with you or you stay at her place! I love you!”

“I love you!” Dee Dee echoed his last three words while waving goodbye.

=== ===


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