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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 60
PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:08 pm 
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Happy Valentine's Day - 2015! :)

- -- ----- -- -

(Part 60)

Dee Dee nestled further into Rick’s arms just before a knock came at the door. “Let’s not answer it.” She sighed with a mischievous smile. “I’m sure it’s nothing as exciting as what goes on in this bedroom.”

“You got that right.” Rick laughed and gave her a gentle pinch on the ****. “I’m guessing it’s the guy with your car. I’d better get the keys from him.”
He stole a kiss and went to answer the door, quickly paid the delivery man, gave him a generous tip, and then signed the receipt. “That’s taken care of.” He said while entering the bedroom. “Your car is safe and sound right outside.”

“Good.” Dee Dee answered with a smile. “Not so fast, mister.” She stopped Rick before he stripped off his robe.

“What? Don’t you want me back in bed?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Of course I do. But I’d also like something to eat. I’m hungry.”

“Is this supposed to be news to me?” Rick laughed.

“Jokes? Let me know when you’re booked in Vegas.” She added sarcastically. “In the meantime, how about getting me something, funny man?”

“Oh, I’ve got something for ya, alright.” Rick said with a sly grin.

“I’ll bet you do.” Dee Dee replied with a giggle. “And I’ll gladly accept it as dessert.”

“Hmm.” Rick bent over and nuzzled her neck. “A hearty appetite. I’ll make sure to satisfy it.”

“I’m sure you will. But before you do, would you please get me some potato chips with ranch dip?”

“Coming right up.”

Rick was back in less than two minutes. He stood in the doorway with a fair amount of dread on his face. “Um…we seem to be out of chips.”

“What?” Dee Dee’s eyes widened. “Well, what about my lemon cookies? I’ll have those with ice cream.”

“Nope. Sorry.” “Rick winced at seeing her disappointment. “I figured you might want that as your second choice, so I checked. Only two cookies and about a spoonful of ice cream left.”

“You’re kidding. How is there only a spoonful of ice cream left? Who leaves a spoonful of ice cream in the freezer?”

“I ate all of it but the spoonful. I didn’t realize I’d eaten so much, but once I finally got full, that’s all that was left. I intended to go and buy more, but I guess I got side-tracked. I thought if you only wanted a taste, it’d be enough until I got to the store.” Rick confessed while cringing the thought of what was in store for him. The wrath of a pregnant woman lacking the foods she’s craving. (This isn’t going to be pretty.)

Dee Dee got up from bed and put on her robe. “I can’t believe this. Nothing I want is in this house.” She walked quickly past Rick and headed toward the kitchen. Rick wasn’t sure of what help he’d be, but he felt he should tag along and see if he could help her find something she’d be willing to settle for. Opening and closing the fridge and the cabinets, Dee Dee found nothing that would satisfy her craving. “Ugh! This is not a good thing.” She groaned.

“What about these?” Rick held up a bag of nacho chips.

Dee Dee stood with her hands folded across her chest; her eyes narrowed as she looked at the bag and then back to Rick. “No.” She simultaneously heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes. “I have no desire for those. None. We’re going shopping.” She announced while heading back to the bedroom. “Let’s take a quick shower and get to the store, pronto. I need my food.”

Rick looked at the wall clock. “It’s after nine o’clock. By the time we shower, dress and get to the store, it’ll be after ten.”

Dee Dee turned and stood directly in front of him; her eyes narrowed in aggravation. “And?”

“And, well…”

“Don’t even try for any excuses.” Dee Dee replied with a stern look on her face and her hands on her hips. “We’re going shopping. I’m going to scream very soon if I don’t get what I want to eat. And after I scream, one of us will still end up going to the store. So, are you coming or not?”

Rick checked out the attitude on his little banty rooster. She’d once again proven that her physical size was only a facade for what her mental determination was capable of. “Okay. No screaming is necessary.” He held up his hands in surrender. “I’ll take you shopping.” He wondered if he could manage two and half months of this and possibly worse.

“Good.” Dee Dee began to smile. “And besides, you do know that if I don’t eat what I crave, the babies will have birthmarks shaped like that food.”

Rick crinkled his nose. “What? What in the world…”

“I heard it someplace.”

“My mom?”

“What’s the difference?” Dee Dee sighed as she went into the bathroom to start the water.

Knowing that his fiancée was losing patience, Rick tried to proceed with caution. “I’m just curious. I think I recall her saying something about that before. She does have her superstitions.”

“Yes, it was your mom. Maybe I believe it, maybe I don’t. And who cares, anyway? I just want my food.”

“Oookaay.” Though he was getting the sharp end of the stick poked at him, Rick found it fairly amusing to see Dee Dee get so worked up, all because she didn’t have the certain snacks she wanted. “We’d better get going. I don’t want you to miss out on your goodies any longer than you have to, and I certainly don’t want our girls to have lemon cookie or potato chip marks on their little **** cheeks.”

“Uh-huh.” Dee Dee sighed and rolled her eyes. “Let's hurry. I’m starving.”

“Hand me the keys.”

“To my car?” Dee Dee scrunched up her face. “You’re kidding, right? You don’t know how to drive over here. And at night, too? Uh-uh.”

“I do know how to drive, here. Remember that I’ve already driven you’re car since I’ve been here. Come, on. Give me the keys.” Rick extended his hand over the top of the car.

“What, one time?” Dee Dee scoffed. “You still need more experience and I’m not up for being your crash test dummy tonight. I don’t even know if I can trust you with a shopping cart once we’re in the grocery store.”

“You never let me have any fun.” Rick pouted.

“Ahem…” Dee Dee raised her brow. “I think you had plenty of fun last night.”

Rick happily recalled the night. “Yeah. I can’t argue with you, there.”

“I didn’t think you would.” Dee Dee smiled.

The two got inside the car, and as soon as Dee Dee fastened her seat-belt, Rick noticed her hesitation to start the engine.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Dee Dee sighed. “I just thought of the last time I was in the car, and…”

“Alex.” Rick replied before she finished. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he looked at her with sympathy in his eyes as well as in his heart. “If you want to take a taxi, we can.”

“I’ll be fine.” Dee Dee exhaled the tension. She turned to Rick with a faint smile and saw the concerned look on his face. “Really…I’m okay.”

“Alright. But if you start to feel that it’s too much, let me know.”

“I will. I can’t let it stop me, you know?”

“I know.”

Dee Dee started the engine and smiled a little broader. “Let’s go spend some money.”

Rick laughed. “With three ladies in the house, I have a feeling I’ll be hearing that a lot.”

“Yeah, you will.” Dee Dee laughed even more.

As they drove along downtown, Rick noted the metal poles along the edges of the sidewalks. “Hmm. No curbs…just lots and lots of poles.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s to keep drivers like you from plowing down innocent pedestrians.” Dee Dee giggled.

Pretending to be offended, Rick replied with forced laughter. “Ha! Oh, yeah…yeah. I get it. You’re a laugh-riot, Alice. Once of these days…bang, zoom…straight to the moon!”

Dee Dee laughed aloud at Rick’s version of the Jackie Gleason character, Ralph Kramden. “I hope our girls don’t develop your sense of humor.”

“Aww, you know you love it.”

“Yeah….I do.” Dee Dee smiled.
- -

When they entered the store, Rick pulled out a shopping list.

“What’s that for?” Dee Dee craned her neck to see it.

“It’s for you. It’s a list of healthy foods you should eat. I’m gonna stock your kitchen with them.”

Dee Dee pulled the list from his hand. “Give me that. A camera?” She looked at him questionably.

“That’s for later…for my own little project.” Rick beamed devilishly.

Dee Dee shook her head and sighed while continuing with the list. “Radishes? Eww.” She balked at the idea. “No, way.”

“Give me my list.” Rick took it from her hands. “And don’t be so picky. These are things that are good for you and our babies.”

“I’ve been eating healthy. Dr. Cameron said it’s okay if I eat a little junk food.” Dee Dee assured Rick. “Believe me, I’ve grown accustom to several healthy foods that I never thought I’d like. But… sweetie, I have to draw the line someplace. No radishes.”

“Okay. We’ll forget those I’ve got other things. Let me see your list.” Rick made an inspection. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” He nodded in approval.

“Well, I’m glad to have your support.” Dee Dee rolled her eyes. “You’ve seen what’s in my kitchen, and you’ve seen what I’ve been eating since you’ve been here. Haven’t I’ve been doing a good job?”

“Yeah, I suppose you have.” Rick smiled.

“Thank you. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to find some lemon crème cookies and strawberry ice cream.”

“One of your cravings. I’ve seen you eat it, but I still can’t get past it.” Rick cringed at the thought of her crumbling crème filled cookies over the ice cream which contained chunks of strawberries.

“It’s sooo good.” Dee Dee chimed “You should try it.”

“I’ll pass.” Rick shook his head.

“Now who’s being picky?” Dee Dee raised her brow. “Come on. Let’s see if they sell our special dessert.”

“You mean the apple cobbler with the oatmeal crust?” Rick asked with enthusiasm.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Dee Dee answered with a soft purr.

“Oh, yeeeah.” Rick grinned. “You’re reading my mind, McCall, and you know I have dirty thoughts.”

“I know that very well.” Dee Dee laughed and pulled the front of the cart while Rick tagged along by holding the handle. When they got to the frozen foods aisle, she found the cobbler. “Hmm. It’s not the brand I buy at home, but I guess it’ll do.”

Rick leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I’m more interested in the surface it’ll be served on.”

“Ooh, and I can’t wait to serve it to you.” Dee Dee whispered back.

“Then I suggest we finish with the shopping so we can get home and start dining.”

After getting home and putting away the groceries, they changed into their sleepwear and returned to the kitchen. “My chips and dip. Oh, how I’ve longed for you.” Dee Dee sighed happily while putting the items on a plate and popping one chip into her mouth.

“Geeez, McCall. I don’t think you’ve ever been that excited over me.” Rick smirked playfully while making a sandwich.

“Oh, don’t be upset. We’ll be having cobbler, later. Don’t forget that.” Dee Dee smiled sinfully.

Rick grinned at the thought of the unique way she would feed him the dessert. “Oh, that sounds great to me. I’m not so jealous of those chips anymore.” He put the cobbler into the oven to let it bake for an hour, and then he and Dee Dee took their snacks into the living room. As they ate, they discussed details of their upcoming wedding and plans to shop for the babies’ needs once Rick returned from California. When they finished, they made a check-list of things to pack for his trip home.

Dee Dee saw him looking at the wall clock and then at his watch. She knew that the night was coming to an end, and that it was the last one they’d have together for who knows how long.

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