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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 59
PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:07 pm 
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(Part 59)

The night before had been a rough one for the both of them; so the couple was still in bed at twelve noon. By 12:35pm, Rick felt Dee Dee begin to stir after mumbling in her sleep.

Suddenly, Dee Dee awoke with a gasp.

“You okay?” Rick asked.

“Yeah.” She replied softly. “I was dreaming of Alex. He was coming toward me and yelling my name. I knew he was going to hurt me, but I couldn’t move.”

Rick kissed the back of her neck. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Dee Dee smiled softly. “What time is it?”

“Twelve thirty-five.”

“It’s that late?” She stretched and realized she’d slept in her bathrobe. “I didn’t bother putting on a gown or pajamas? I must have been really tired.”

“Yes, you were, but you’d been through a lot. I think you could also use something to eat.” Rick kissed her temple before heading toward the bathroom. “While I’m in here, you decide what you want and I’ll make it for you. By the way…I arranged for a wrecker to bring your car home today. It should be here in an hour.”

“Thanks.” Dee Dee smiled at how thoughtful Rick was; knowing how well he’d take care of her and their babies. She lay in bed wondering what the dream of Alex could have meant, then tried to brush it off as a part of the stress she’s suffered for so long.

Once Rick finished up, Dee Dee told him what she wanted to eat and then she took her turn in the bathroom. While looking in the mirror, she noticed that her air-dried hair didn’t look nearly as frightful as she imagined, but that her eyes were much redder and puffier than she expected. She knew it was from her tears and from a lack of decent sleep during the past couple of days, but that a few eye drops would offer a little aid.

After making her way into the kitchen, she wrapped her arms around Rick’s waist as he stood at the counter.

“Settle down, kids.” He felt the movement of the twins as Dee Dee held him tight.” The food is on the way.” He chuckled, causing Dee Dee to smile. “Ryan called while you were in the bathroom.” He said, as they sat at the table. “He’d heard a little of what happened and wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“How’d he find out?”

“A friend of his wife’s is a nurse at the hospital.” Rick winced at the thought of Dee Dee becoming upset at the idea of strangers discussing her life with her friends.

“Oh.” Dee Dee replied simply.

“I told him you were okay and that you’d probably get back to him in a day or so.”

“Thanks. I need to call Laura at the community center, too. I want to ask for a couple of more days off.”

Rick nodded as he swallowed a piece of bacon. He still hadn’t gained the courage to remind Dee Dee that it was time for him to leave. He couldn’t hold out much longer, but had no clue of when the time would be right. She’d been through so much. He couldn’t bear to leave her, but he needed to return home to take care of things at work. It really wasn’t for the money. He’d been adding to his savings account for years, and he’d been left generous amounts of money by his father and his uncle Dominic, affectionately known as Dom. He’d told Dee Dee he’d give up the job if she wanted, but she insisted that he should continue to live out his dream, so they agreed that he’d stay on. But how easy would it be for them? He knows that she wants him to be happy, but she shouldn’t have to worry about losing another man that she loves to a job-related death. He sometimes thought that if he were to be seriously injured and no longer able to care for himself, if she could bear it or would it actually be best for them all if he did die.

You’re pretty quiet over there.” Dee Dee stated after a sip of orange juice. “What are you thinking about?”

“Just thinking about us and what we might do today.” He answered. He was hoping she’d remember what the day was and how long he’d been in London.

“I’m still so tired.” She replied. “I guess just lounge around in bed.” She stood up and put their dishes into the dishwasher. As Rick remained at the table, she turned and draped her arms across his shoulders and lay her head against his. “We’ve only got today and tomorrow to spend together before you leave.” She sighed.

Rick took her left hand and kissed it gently. He was sorry to hear the hurt in her voice, but relieved that he didn’t have to tell her himself. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I tried to work it out…honestly.” He slowly guided her around to stand in front of him. “I called Charlie while you were still asleep. I was afraid I’d wake you when I moved my arm from around you to make the call. It was around four in the morning, his time, but he wasn’t too upset. Anyway, the Holden case is going to trial and I have to be there. Otherwise, Charlie would have pulled some strings to get me a couple of more days off. If I could I change it, I would.” Rick put his arms around her.

Dee Dee pursed her lips and looked down at the floor. “I know.”

“Are you sure you can’t come with me?” Rick asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. I can’t go yet.” She slowly raised her head. “Remember, I have to give Mr. Casteel a chance to find someone to take my place as receptionist. I came in as a temp, and I can’t just run off and leave him hanging after only a few weeks. He was so kind to hire me when Celise suggested it. And I have a doctor’s appointment that I shouldn’t miss, and there are loose ends that need tying up at the community center.”

“You’re right.” Rick kissed her cheek. “You’ve never been one to leave anything half-done or to just completely quit.”

“True.” Dee Dee smiled and kissed Rick on the lips.

With the both of them feeling disappointed, Dee Dee suggested that sharing a shower might help. “We’ll get excited before we get relaxed.” She raised a brow. “Are you interested?”

“Are you serious?” With a grin, Rick stripped off his shirt and walked full speed toward the bathroom. “Come on, woman! Time’s a wastin’!”
Dee Dee laughed and followed right behind.

As they stood beneath the warm shower of water, Dee Dee began to lather her hair.

“Let me.” Rick began to massage her scalp. “Your hair has really grown since you’ve been pregnant, hasn’t it?” He commented while squeezing the soapy water from the ends.

“Yeah. It has to do with the hormones. I think I like it a little longer…for now.”

“I like it. It’s so sexy.” Rick kissed her neck and began with gentle love-bites.

“Are you giving me a hickey?” Dee Dee closed her eyes and sighed as the act intensified.

“Hmm-hmm”. Rick barely replied as he continued his task.

Dee Dee tilted her head to one side, allowing Rick easier access. She moaned softly as the tingling grew stronger.

Moments later, Rick took the bottle of Dee Dee’s body wash poured some over the sponge. He then slowly began gliding the sponge against her glistening skin, taking time to gently caress every inch of her from head to toe and back again. He could see and feel that her breasts were becoming aroused by his touch. Knowing that they were more sensitive than before, he slowly and gently began to kiss them and massage them with his tongue.
Dee Dee had her turn at lathering Rick’s body, placing kisses on his chest and allowing her hands to roam to the most sensitive region between his legs. He moaned deeply at her touch, and wanted more, but not before returning the favor. He moved his hands down and to her inner thighs, causing her to sigh deeply while welcoming the attention. With her back to him, Dee Dee leaned in closer to Rick while his hands moved even further up her inner thighs and his fingertips to her most delicate area. She could feel him pressing harder against her and she felt her heart quicken with anticipation. Rick moved his fingers up even future in which Dee Dee allowed them to make their entrance. As the motion from Rick’s hands and fingers intensified, Dee Dee reached up put one hand around the back of Rick’s neck, while keeping her other hand on Rick’s as it remained busy at work. Rick ran is tongue over the sides of her neck and felt her body begin to vibrate with excitement. She sucked in a quick breath through clinched teeth and then reached down to offer Rick a stimulating massage for his own pleasure. Minutes later, Rick’s lips meshed with Dee Dee’s in a sweltering kiss that seemed to last for hours, while their hands roamed to each others delicate centers of pleasure. When the kiss was finally broken by the panting couple, Rick steadied Dee Dee’s back against the shower wall and lifted her leg to drape over his wrist. The pouring water caused Dee Dee’s soaked and tousled hair to gently rest against her cheeks and forehead, and the sight turned Rick on even more.

“I need you so much.” Rick whispered. He placed a gentle hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. She gasped with anticipation, and he slowly entered her, making both of their bodies quiver with the connection. Finding a perfect rhythm together, they ‘danced’ under water with fiery desire. They held their position for several tantalizing moments before each felt the desire to take things even further by way of the bed. Rick stepped out first, helped Dee Dee by taking her hand, shut off the water and quickly scooped her up in his arms and rushed down the hall.
He lay her soaking wet body onto the bed, and then allowed his glistening body to hover momentarily over hers, taking in the most perfect sight before him. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her neck, her breasts, and slowly moved down to her stomach. The idea of knowing that their two babies were being nourished within her, that the fact of their love for one another, the lovemaking had given them such a gift aroused him even more. As he looked down at her, he couldn’t imagine her not being the one to carry his children. He smiled and let out a small chuckle.

“What is it?” Dee Dee asked breathlessly.

“If you weren’t already pregnant, I’d do my damndest to get it done.”

Dee Dee smiled broadly and pulled Rick closer to her.

The two went into another feverish kiss before moving into one of their most exciting and pleasurable positions.

Dee Dee felt her body growing warmer, and warmer and more excited by the moment. Rick entered her with a gentle but excitable force, and they were soon in a perfect mode of action to satisfy one another. She felt she’d explode. She and Rick had always made love with great intensity, but at this moment, she felt it even stronger than ever before. “Ah!” She quickly quieted herself. Taking in a quick gasp of air, he managed to speak again. “This is why I don’t like apartments. The neighbors might hear me.”

Rick, surprised her by comment, laughed a little, and with a devilish idea, he felt it was his duty to help her get over her fear of being heard. He pulled himself out of her and quickly re-entered, causing them both to gasp quite loudly with pleasure.
“Do it again.” Dee Dee moaned.

Rick obliged with no hesitation and enjoyed every bit of the action as Dee Dee did.

As the connection between them intensified, the two, always moving in sync, quickly found that they were about to reach a fierce climax simultaneously.
Their bodies writhed in ecstasy as Dee Dee’s cries of delight grew stronger, as did Rick’s deep moans of immense pleasure.

Rick noticed that Dee Dee was holding back on her verbal expression.

“Don’t worry about anyone else. I don’t care if anyone hears me. You shouldn’t either.” He nibbled her shoulder. “If you want to scream, then do it. Do it, Dee Dee. Let me hear you scream.” Rick’s voice deepened and grew louder as his body was taken over by the heated passion. He wasn’t afraid to hold back. “If it’s good enough for you to scream; then scream for me, baby! Do it!” Rick quickened his pace and nibbled hungrily upon Dee Dee’s neck and shoulders.

Dee Dee’s heart-rate doubled with the intensity of the lovemaking and by Rick’s urging her to let go of her inhibition; almost daring her to break free. She decided to take him up on his dare.

“It’s good enough, Rick! It’s so good! Please don’t stop! I’m…I’m gonna scream!”
He didn’t soty and she did scream.

Rick found extreme satisfaction in hearing a fairly loud pleasure-filled scream coming from Dee Dee’s lips.

As the feelings blossomed to full strength, Dee Dee, once again tossed aside her fears of what the neighbors might hear. It was all about her being with Rick and they wouldn’t let anyone make them feel a loss of the emotions they needed to express.

Breathless, they both wound up on their sides, face to face and in each others arms.

Rick brushed Dee Dee’s hair away from her face and grinned from ear to ear. “It’s been a long time since you’ve almost busted my eardrums.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well…” Dee Dee started to blush. “Just wait until we’re back in LA and in a house.” She added a wicked grin of her own. “And if we’re far away from any neighbors, you’d better invest in ear plugs.”

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