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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 57
PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:53 pm 
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(Part 57)

Dee Dee looked at the nurse in surprise. “I’m not…”

“She’s not his wife.” Rick quickly interrupted. “She wants nothing to do with him.”

Puzzled, the nurse looked at the form on the clipboard. “Isn’t this your name, D’Andrea Turnan?”

“Yes, that’s my first name, but not my last. We’re divorced.”

“I see. Well, you’re listed as his spouse and next-of-kin. There isn’t anyone else and he’s asking for you.”

Dee Dee felt Rick’s hand tense up around hers as he replied. “There’s no way she’s going anywhere near him, but I wouldn’t mind having a few words with him.”

“What shall I tell him and the doctor?” The nurse asked.

“Can you give me a couple of minutes?” Dee Dee asked.

“Sure.” The nurse stepped away as Michael took the opportunity to call Celise with an update.

“I don’t want to see Alex.” Dee Dee led Rick to a row of chairs across the room. “But I think I should talk to the doctor.”

“What? Are you serious?” Rick questioned in surprise. “You should just walk out the door and not look back. Leave him here for the doctors to handle and don’t worry about what they have to say about him. Just be done with him.”

Dee Dee felt that Rick was right, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. “I really should see what the doctor has to say. Maybe we’ll get some answers about what’s happening with Alex. He told me that he has some sort of medical issue and it’s why he couldn’t help the way he treated me.”

“You don’t believe him, do you?”

“I don’t know what to believe.” Dee Dee sighed. “When we were in the cottage, he seemed to be confused…more like tangled up in multiple identities. He’d jump from one topic to another without complete thoughts, and he’d go into a rage and then suddenly calm down as if he’d forgotten it all happened.”

“I don’t get it.” Rick was aggravated that she’d even consider another moment with Alex. “Isn’t that what he did when you were married? He was irrational then and he’s irrational now. What do you think has changed?”

“He’s…it’s like…” Dee Dee stumbled over her words in frustration. “It’s hard to explain. I just feel that there could actually be a logical answer to his behavior.”

Rick sighed and sat back against the chair and massaged the back of his neck. He knew that Dee Dee was on a mission and there was no stopping her, so he may as well prepare for it. “Alright, I know you won’t let this go. I’ll be with you when you talk to the doctor.”

“I’d like that.” Dee Dee appreciated Rick’s support through what she knew was hard for him to deal with. “Thank you for doing this for me. It really means a lot.”

Rick kissed the top of her head. “You’re welcome. But if you start to feel upset or uncomfortable with what you hear, we’re leaving immediately.”

Dee Dee nodded in agreement just as the nurse came up to them. “Are you going to see them?”

“I’ll see the doctor.” Dee Dee answered.
They waited until Michael returned in order to give him the details. Though somewhat surprised that Dee Dee didn’t want to go home right away, he took a seat to wait until they returned.

Dr. Maxwell, a man of average build and height, extended his hand to Dee Dee and Rick to greet them, and then the three of them took their seats in his office.

He turned to Dee Dee. “As I understand it, you and Alex are divorced. Is that correct?”


“How shall I address you?”

“Dee Dee will be fine.”

“Alright, then…Dee Dee.” The doctor offered a friendly smile, and then began to explain why he’d called for her. “I’d like to talk to you about Alex’s illness, and what may be done about it to hopefully help him lead a normal life.”

“Is it very serious?” Dee Dee asked.

“Yes, it is.” Dr. Maxwell answered solemly. “Alex’s illness is psychological.”

Rick kept silent with the fact that he wasn’t surprised.

The doctor continued. “It seems that he’s been plagued by it for many years, but until recent years, it hadn’t come to the point of him being so severely dangerous to others.”

“Like to me.” Dee Dee said in a whisper as Rick placed his hand on top of hers.

“Listen, Dr Maxwell.” Rick began in an agitated tone. “I don’t inted to be rude, but Dee Dee’s had a rough time these past two days and I want to take her home. Could you speed things along?”

“Of course.” The doctor placed his folded hands on his desk.” Well, to start, Alex has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

“What?” Surprised, the couple replied in unison.

Rick leaned forward in his seat. “Are you honestly telling us that Alex is a narcissist? If you are, I can tell you that it’s been obvious to me for very long time. Everything has to revolve around him, he has no sympathy for anyone else and treats them like crap, he craves power and control over others, especially Dee Dee and he…” Rick looked at Dee Dee who heaved a ragged sigh. “You have no idea of the hell he’s put her through.” It wrenched his heart to think of the night she confessed all that Alex had done to her.

“No, I’m sure I don’t have any exact idea.” The doctor stated. “But as I do know the behavior that stems from the disorder, I can imagine how he must have treated her.”

“So, this disorder is the reason he was so hateful to me?” Dee Dee asked. “I know a little about it and I know that there’s a need to make others feel less than superior, mentally, but I didn’t realize it could make a person so physically abusive to another.”

“It’s only a part of it.” Dr. Maxwell opened a second folder. “When Alex was a child, he was mentally and physically abused by his father, almost daily. His father told him that he was a mistake, that he wished his mother had aborted him as he’d told her to. He was slapped, had his head slammed against the wall, beaten with his father’s fists, kicked, punched and more.His mother tried to stop his father’s abuse a few times, but he then turned on her. One day, his father told her that he'd kill Alex in front of her and then kill her if she didn't leave and never come back. She left, and several months later, she returned for her son, but his Mr. Turnan shot and killed her as Alex watched. Mr. Turnan went to prison, and Alex was raised by his aunt who got him as much help as she could, but the damage had been done. Due to the years of trauma to the head, a tumor formed on his brain. The tumor has been in place for several of his adult years, and as time has gone on, it’s become larger and more of a threat to his health. The behavioral issues, severe headaches and blackouts, are because of the tumor.”

Dee Dee understood was what being explained about Alex, but hadn’t quite found a great deal of sympathy for him.

“Alex treated Dee Dee as badly as his father treated him.” Rick sighed and shifted his weight as his tension grew. “He may be sick, but he knew what he was doing most of the time. He used her for a sick game he’d been planning for a long time.” He felt Dee Dee’s hand tighten around his. He looked at her to see if he should continue or not. She was silent, but looked at Rick with a nod to let him know it was okay to continue.
“Alex never loved Dee Dee. He used her to show his superiors that he was only involved with one woman. He wanted to convince them that the truth of his sleeping with every woman he could get to were only rumors. Their entire marriage was nothing more than a setup to help him impress others. He had no intention of making her happy. None.” Rick put his arm around Dee Dee as Dr. Maxwell looked on sympathetically.

“I believe you, Mr. Hunter. And I’m sorry he’s caused so much suffering to you, Miss McCall.” Dee Dee quietly held her gaze to the floor as the doctor continued on. “With this disorder, the person believes that he or she is unique and can only be understood by, and should associate with those he or she feels are on the same level of uniqueness. While Alex felt this way, he saw you, Miss McCall, as someone much less superior than he was…someone he could easily control. He needed this control in order to keep his ego well fed. He has a sense that everyone should place him on a pedestal and offer extreme favorable treatment to him. If it means he has to take advantage of others to get the respect he wants, then that’s how he’ll pursue it. The person, such as Alex, lacks empathy. He doesn’t want to acknowledge the feelings and needs of others. When he senses that someone he knows may be getting more attention than he is, his anger and arrogance builds and becomes the force behind his abusive behavior.”

Dee Dee was stunned by all she heard. She’d suffered at the hands of Alex for so long and she’d hoped there would be some reasonable explanation for his actions. But now that she knows there is, she wasn’t sure if she can fully believe it or not.

Rick pulled her a little closer. “Okay, Dr. Maxwell. We know that Alex may not be accountable for one hundred percent of what he did to Dee Dee, but I’m sure he was able to control himself at some time.”

“Yes, he could have helped himself. Medication was prescribed for him several years ago by a previous doctor in the States, but he never took it as he was supposed to. He has a history of drinking heavily, and most recently, drug abuse. The combination only added to his extreme behavior.”

Dee Dee sighed, trying to take in all the information. “So, what happens now?”

“Psychiatric treatment, drug rehabilitation, and surgery to remove the tumor.”

“I see.” Dee Dee answered somberly.

“Do you have any other questions you’d like me to answer?”

“No.” Dee Dee replied while shaking her head. “No, nothing.”

“Are you ready to go, now?” Rick asked her.

She looked at Rick who had been through so much in the past few days. She knew he’d been worried sick about her, and it showed. And here he was supporting her while they listened to the doctor’s explanation about Alex. How she appreciated him.
She knew he had to be exhausted, as she was. She wanted to be home and safe with him. “Yes, I’m ready.”

When she and Rick stood to leave, the doctor began to speak.

“There’s still the matter of Alex wanting to see you, Miss McCall. He told me that he wants to apologize to you.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to see him.” Dee Dee answered softly. “I don’t ever want to see him again.”

Rick put his hand at the small of her back and escorted her from the office. “You won’t have to worry about Alex, anymore. He’ll be away for a long, long time. Now, let’s get you home.”

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