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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 56
PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:47 am 
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(Part 56)

After just under two hours of driving, Rick and his friend found the cottage. They decided to park several yards away to keep Alex from seeing their car.

“There’s no car here.” Rick stated. “Maybe Alex left and Dee Dee’s inside.”

The two men cautiously approached the home; Rick taking the front and Michael the back. Neither found any sign of movement inside the home, so when Michael returned to the front, Rick kicked the door open. He’d noticed the padlock and was thankful that it wasn’t locked. It saved him the trouble of trying to break it.
Once inside, he frantically searched the rooms while calling for Dee Dee’s. His heart began to race when he didn’t hear an answer. “Where is she?”

“Rick.” Michael lifted a grocery bag from the counter. He and Rick noticed the logo.

“She was definitely at that store when she was taken.” Rick searched the contents of the bag and found some of Dee Dee’s favorite snacks. “I’ll check the smaller bedroom, while you check the other. Look for clues that might lead us to her.”

Michael found a few items of Alex’s in the closet and chest of drawers, but nothing of Dee Dee’s.

When Rick searched the bedside table in the other room, he found a keychain with a miniature gold heart with Dee Dee’s birthstone in the center of it. “Michael. Dee Dee’s been here, alright. Here’s her keychain.” Rick sighed. “She took the keys off and left it. She wanted us to know she’d been here.” Rick’s heart sank even further at knowing they could have missed her by minutes, and that she might be gone forever. “I’ve got to find her.”

Michael placed a consoling hand on Rick’s shoulder as they made their way out of the cottage and to the car.
For ten minutes, they leaned against the car while trying to figure out which way to go next.
“Damn it!” Rick’s frustration was about to get the better of him. “I can’t wait to get my hands around Alex’s throat! I swear I’ll choke the life out of that *******!” When he lowered his head while trying to gain composure, he noticed that the muddied grass on the side of the driveway had tire tracks in it. “Look at this. The tracks look pretty fresh.” He saw a small trace of mud on the curb. “The front tire track shows that they made a right turn. They’ve driven off that way. But where to?”

“There’s a larger town north of here.” Michael stated. “I just have no idea of where to start once we get there.”

“Me either.” Rick sighed in distress. “I hate to sound like I’m giving up, but maybe we should head back to the apartment and wait.”

Michael called to inform Celise that they hadn’t been successful, and that they would soon return home.

After nearly two and a half hours of driving, Dee Dee pulled up to a hospital's emergency entrance. She wasn’t sure of exactly where she was, but she did know that she was even further away from her own apartment…further away from Rick. She went inside for someone to help get Alex out of the car, and as soon as he was wheeled away, she rushed to a pay phone.


“Dee Dee?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Oh, my God! Dee Dee! Where are you? Are you okay?!”

“I’m okay.”

“What happened? We’ve all been so scared for you.”

“It was Alex.” She fought to remain calm as she explained. “He forced me at gunpoint. I had to leave with him. I didn’t have a choice, Celise. I had to go. I had to. He would have killed me.”

“Oh, honey. Are you sure you’re okay? Did he hurt you?”

“I’m okay. He scared me a little, but I’m not hurt.”

“Thank God. Tell me where you are.” Celise began scribbling the name of the hospital on a piece of paper. “I’ll call Michael and Rick right away. They’ll come for you. Just hang in there, okay?”

“Okay, I will.” Dee Dee sighed with great relief at knowing she’d see Rick in a few hours and that she’d be safe again.

When the two hung up, Celise immediately called Michael.

“Michael! She’s alright! Dee Dee’s alright!” Celise blurted the good news. “She just called!”

“Rick, Dee Dee’s alright. Celise just spoke to her.”

“Thank God!” Rick exclaimed as he sat up straighter in the passenger’s seat. “Where is she? What happened? Is Celse sure she’s okay?”

“Alex got sick and she drove him to a hospital.” Michael added, before getting more information. He told Celise he’d call her as soon as they reached Dee Dee, and then he hung up to explain as much of the situation to Rick as he could, and then sped off toward the hospital. He’d told Rick it was at least two hours away, but that he could shave off at least a half hour, and while proving that he could, Rick noted that Michael could have easily passed the high speed driving and maneuvering test for the LAPD.

Before the car came to a complete stop, Rick was out and sprinting to the hospital emergency entrance. Just as he rounded the corner to his right, he saw Dee Dee sitting in the waiting room. He thought his heart would leap from his chest as his emotions took over. His words were caught in his throat as he tried to call her name.

“Rick.” Dee Dee stood up with relief shining through her eyes.

“Dee Dee.” Rick went to her and took her in his arms. “I was so scared. Are you alright?” He stepped back and took a longer look at her. “How are the babies?”

“We’re all fine. I’m just tired and a little shaken up.”

"Did Alex hurt you? Did he even touch you, Dee Dee?"

Slightly hesitant at the thought of Rick's reaction, Dee Dee told him the truth. "No, but he pinned me against the wall by my shoulders. He pushed me into a corner of the kitchen, took my shoes and broke glass on the floor in front of me so I couldn’t move. I stood in that corner for about three hours. It was awful, but I wasn't hurt."

Rick’s heart began to race. “What the hell is wrong with him?! He'll pay for what he's done to you! I swear it!"

"Rick, lower your voice." Dee Dee tried to calm him as she glanced at the people watching them. "I'm okay." She sank into his arms. “I want to go home. Please just take me home.”

“I will, honey. But I want a doctor to check you out.”

“One already has. We’re fine. I just want to go home.”

Michael had just walked up to see Dee Dee in Rick’s arms. He smiled and told her how happy he was to have her back. He asked if she was okay, and if he could do anything for her. Her only request was to drive them all home.

As they started toward the exit, a nurse stepped in front of them. “Mrs. Turnan? Your husband is asking for you, and his doctor would like to speak to you as well. Will you please follow me?”

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