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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - part 53
PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:57 pm 
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Author's notes -

It's so nice to know that people are still reading this story and wanting more. It's been ages since I posted the previous chapter, and if someone hadn't asked me about posting more of the story last night, there's no telling of when I'd have felt any enthusiasm about posting more. :)

I hope you enjoy this chapter and those that are to follow.

Thank you.

== === ===

(Part 53)

“Not much longer, huh?” Alex shifted his weight on the sofa.

“What?” Dee Dee didn’t understand the vague question which followed his announcement of her always being with him. “What are you talking about?”

“The baby. You’re about due, aren’t you?”

Dee Dee realized that Alex’s going off in a completely different direction during conversation was not unlike him.

“Not long until the big day, right?” Alex asked.

“No.” Dee Dee answered simply.

“Boy or a girl?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“Just answer me, okay. I’m curious.”

“Twin girls.” Dee Dee sat in the chair across from Alex.

“Twins? Really?” Alex sat back and put his hands behind his head. “They could have been ours, you know? We can still have our own family, Dee Dee.”

Hearing him say that made her stomach churn. “I’m not letting you be any part of these babies’ lives.”

“Oh, I won’t have to be. Nor do I want to be. Let Rick raise them, put them up for adoption, whatever…I don’t care. We’d have our own. I’ll get the vasectomy reversed.”

“You are insane.” Dee Dee remarked at the absurd notion. “There’s no way that’ll ever happen, Alex. You’re delusional.”

“It can happen. It will happen.”

“No, it won’t! Stop your sick fantasies and let me out of this place! I won’t have anything to do with you!” Dee Dee moved to the door and struggled to open it. “Let me go home!”

“Wait a second. Are you telling me what you will and won’t do?” Alex’s voice became loud and threatening as he stood and walk over to Dee Dee. “You’re such an ungrateful *****! I’m trying to make amends here! You’ll have anything and everything that Hunter can’t give you, and this is how you react?!”

“Because I don’t want to be with you!” Dee Dee shouted. “Rick loves me and he’s going to find me!”

Alex looked Dee Dee in the eye. “He won’t find you.”

Dee Dee began to worry, but tried to suppress the frightening thought. “Yes, he will. He’ll find me.”

“Shut up!” Alex screamed. “Just shut the hell up about Rick!” Alex grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen, and then shoved her into a corner. He then proceeded to place three glasses inside a plastic bag and smashed them with a cutting board. He emptied the pieces onto the floor at her feet. “Give me your shoes.”

“Why?” Dee Dee questioned fearfully.

“Because I don't want you to move from this spot until I say so, and without any shoes, I don't think you'll be too anxious to walk across broken glass!”

Shocked at another one of Alex’s means of torture, Dee Dee stood silently until Alex’s booming voice startled her and caused her to gasp.

“Do it! Take off the f-cking shoes!”

Dee Dee slipped the shoes off and handed them to him.

“You see, I'm still in control of you.” Alex smirked. “I'll give you some time to think about your behavior.” He walked into the living room and plopped down in the recliner in front of the television.

It had been an hour and forty minutes and Dee Dee tried to lean against the wall to relieve the aches in her back, legs and feet. With only eight to ten inches to move her feet in any direction, she found it difficult to find a comfortable position. “Alex, I need to go to the bathroom.”

“No, you don’t. You just want to move out of that spot.”

“I really do. I’m not trying to be any trouble. I swear I’m not. Please, just let me go.”

“Alright! Shut up!” He came into the kitchen and tossed her shoes at her. “Hurry up!”

Without a word, she slipped on her shoes and stepped across the glass. Before she left the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and cursed herself for allowing Alex to take control once again. Tears began to fall as she felt her fear and anger building. She didn’t know when she’d see Rick again. She didn’t know if Alex would spare her life and the lives of her babies; there was just so much to cause her emotions to take over. She closed her eyes and focused on Rick. “Please, God. Please let Rick find me. Let me and our babies live.”

“Dee Dee!” Alex growled from the other side of the door. Get out here, now!”

Dee Dee quickly wiped her tears and opened the door. Alex grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back into her corner in the kitchen. He didn’t say a word as he waited for her to remove her shoes again. For two more hours, she stood in the confined space before Alex said another word to her. “How about you make us some dinner?” He asked calmly.
His quick change of attitude and tone of voice surprised Dee Dee. He was so nonchalant about the next topic. It was a reminder of the mood swings he’d expressed while they were married.

Once again, he tossed her shoes at her. “Oh, and Dee Dee? Don’t give me any attitude about it, or I’ll have to remind you of the consequences. Remember how I did that when we were married?” He chuckled as if he’d made a comical remark.

Dee Dee sighed as she moved from the corner; trying to stretch the soreness out of her back. “What do you want me to make?”

“Surprise me.” Alex snorted.

Alex had the kitchen fully stocked, but Dee Dee opted for a large can of chili. She opened it, emptied the contents into a bowl, and heated it in the microwave.

“Your dinner’s ready.” She said with no enthusiasm as the microwave beeped for the last time.

“This is what you’ve made for my dinner?” Alex balked. “With all the food in this house, this is what I get?”

“If you didn’t want it, why’d you buy it?” Dee Dee huffed.

“Attitude…attitude.” Alex sneered. “Do you really want a refresher of the punishment you got before?” He moved closer to Dee Dee. “Do you? Didn’t I warn you?”

“Alex, I’m not looking to make you angry. If you want something else, then I’ll make it. But you said to surprise you, so I didn’t think you had a preference.”

“Of course you’ll make something else. You’ll always do whatever I want, won’t you?”

Dee Dee didn’t answer.

“You will, won’t you?!” Alex barked. “As long as you’re with me, you’ll do exactly what I say if you know what’s good for you! Right?!”

“Right.” Dee Dee answered softly. It tore her up inside, but she knew it was best to let him hear what he wanted.

“That’s what I thought.” Alex poured himself a drink and sat at the dinette table.

While Dee Dee prepared dinner, Alex put his head on the table and sighed heavily. “Damn it. My head hurts.”

Dee Dee ignored him and continued her task. As soon as the water began boiling for the pasta, she imagined throwing the scalding water onto Alex, but, she needed to find the keys to unlock the door and to start the car. If she’d burned him enough to only stun him, he might be able to grab her before she got out. She needed another plan.

Alex stood from the table and started toward the living room. Within four steps of getting there, he grabbed his head and fell to his knees.

Dee Dee turned just in time to see him fall.

“Help me, Dee Dee. Help me.”

=== ===


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