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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 52
PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:12 am 
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(Part 52)

The home was lavishly and beautifully decorated with expensive furniture and art pieces, but as the front and back doors were locked from the outside, and the windows had been nailed shut, it was still nothing more than a prison.

Just hours ago, Celise had warned her to be careful when it came to the men who were ruthless in flirting with her at work. She felt confident in being able to take care of herself, but her confidence didn’t save her from him. Being without a weapon made Dee Dee even more vunerable and she hated feeling that way. Those who needed guns couldn’t have them, but those who meant to cause harm were able to get them illegally with no problem.

She sighed with disappointment, and then sat on the sofa as her thoughts went straight to Rick. She knew he was going out of his mind with worry, and she felt bad that she couldn’t put an end to it, so she began to focus on the house, again. The home, as well as its furnishings had been well taken care of, but she didn’t notice anything that seemed familiar, but tried to take in as much as possible for any clues. She studied the living room, the two bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen/dinette, and while looking out of one of the windows, she saw what looked to be a small storage shed a few yards from the house, but no nearby homes. The only other home she saw was during the drive in, and it was approximately two miles away. She knew that if she did make it out, she’d have quite a trek ahead of her, but her determination would get her there. She looked out of the window and into the dark and rain-soaked night and thought of how quickly the night had proven to be one of unwanted surprises.
_ _ _

(Approximately four hours earlier)

While listening to favorite songs on the car stereo, Dee Dee noticed the sudden drop in temperature and the approaching rain clouds. She was anxious to get in and out of the store in a rush as she anticipated being warm and cozy with Rick in her apartment. She had made it into the store, rushed down the aisles to gather her items, and was back out within fifteen minutes. The raindrops landed heavily on her coat, and she picked up the pace to her car and was relieved to have made it inside before the rain became more forceful. Just as she was about to pull out of the parking space, a car pulled up and blocked her in. She assumed the driver was waiting for another car to back out of a parking space and would only be a few seconds, but after more than a minute, her patience was getting shorter. “Come no, let’s go.” She mumbled while making sure her car was in reverse and ready to move as soon as she got the chance. She was suddenly startled by the tapping on her driver’s side window.


“Roll down the window!” Alex yelled.

“No! Get away from my car!”

“Come on, Dee Dee! Open up!” The rain on the window added distortion to Alex’s wicked expression. “Open it!”

“No!” Dee Dee felt her anger growing with every second. “Leave me alone, Alex! Move your car!” She began blowing the car’s horn to get attention, and hopefully help from others in the lot.

The lot was scarce on other patrons, and the few that were there, were running quickly inside the store, and out of the rain. No one paid any attention to the signal for help.

“Stop it, Dee Dee!” Alex demanded. “Look at me!”

When Dee Dee turned to face Alex, she saw the barrel of a gun pressed against the glass as he continued to harass her. “One shot is all it takes, Dee Dee! Roll it down, or I’ll shoot it out! I’ll put a bullet in your head or in your stomach! You decide!”

Dee Dee’s heart nearly froze. When Alex instructed her to gather her purse and her grocery bag, she did so. He told her to step out of the car, and she slowly unlocked the door. “Put the gun away. I’m coming.”

Within those few short moments, Alexander Turnan had once again gained control of Dee Dee’s life. Now, she could only hope that she could escape and return home safely, or that Rick could find her. But how? How could either of them do what’s necessary to have her safely back home?
Her thoughts were interrupted by the glare from the headlights on Alex’s Mercedes comming through the window. Her stomached twitched nervously with the idea of him hurting her and her babies. He’d hurt her before, and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t do it again. “Rick. I need you.” She whispered.

Alex turned and locked the door behind him and put his jacket on the rack. “I’m back.”

“I can see that.” Dee Dee replied as she sat on the sofa. “Now will you tell me why I’m here? I didn’t ask any questions during the ride out here, just like you told me. Please tell me what’s going on. Why did you bring me here?”

Alex ignored Dee Dee’s questioning and sat beside her. “This is a really nice place, isn’t it?”

“Why won’t you answer my questions?”

“All in due time. Have you looked around the place?”

“Alex, I just want to go home.” Dee Dee answered. “Please…just take me home.”

“You’re already home. Well, at least for the time being. We won’t stay here forever.”

Dee Dee sighed in aggravation. “I’m not staying here at all.”

Alex dangled the keys in front of her. “I say you are.”

Dee Dee shook her head. “I can’t believe this.”

“I don’t care if you believe it or not. It’s the truth.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Shut up!” Alex barked. “You know what?! Before I left to come here, I sat and asked myself why…why you make me do the things I do?! Why do you make me so angry?!”

“I don’t make you angry, Alex. You find reasons on your own to be angry with me.”

“Oh, yeah? Then how about you bringing Rick Hunter over here? That didn’t exactly make me happy. If you hadn’t brought him over here, things would be so much easier. But of course you had to screw up as usual. Why did you do that?”

“I called him for my own personal reasons.” Dee Dee said in her defense.

“When did you call him?”


“Just answer me. Did you call him from my house? Were we still married when you called him to come over here?”

“No. I’d already moved out of your house. Satisfied?” Dee Dee stood and walked toward the window.

“I suppose.” Alex replied. “I just wanted to know if you went against my rules.”

“Your rules?” Dee Dee continued to look out the window. “Don’t you mean your ridiculous and cruel demands?”

“Oh, come on. I was never cruel to you. I treated you the way you deserved to be treated.”
- - -

(Five months earlier)

Furious because dinner was burned, Alex slammed Dee Dee against the kitchen wall. “Idiot!”

“I’m sorry.” Dee Dee sobbed.

“Shut up!” Alex grabbed her wrist and twisted it until it began to burn.

“Alex, that hurts! Please, don’t!”

“You’re so stupid! You can’t even cook a roast without burning it!”

“But I was on the phone with you. I told you that I needed to get to the kitchen to check on dinner, but you wouldn’t let me go until you finished talking.”

“You’re blaming me?!” Alex backhanded his wife across the face. “You’re the one who screwed up!”

“I’m sorry. I…you're right. It was my fault.” Dee Dee said with a throbbing cheek.

Alex slammed the dish to the floor, causing it to shatter into several pieces, then he grabbed Dee Dee by her neck and shoved her to the floor. “Clean that up!”

Her hands trembled as she picked up the larger pieces of the dish. “I’ll make something else.”

“Damn right, you will!” Alex hissed. “And you’d better not screw it up!”

Dee Dee flinched. “I won’t.”

For an added reminder, Alex slammed his wife's head into the wall again and then left the room.
--- --

“Do you remember that, Alex?” Dee Dee asked. “I burned dinner and you hit me and banged my head against a wall. And you really think I deserved that?”

“Yes, I do.”

Dee Dee scoffed and turned to face Alex. “Only in your sick mind.”

“Rules of the game, Dee Dee. Rules of the game.” Alex chimed.

“I suppose you think pointing a gun to my head today is what I deserved, too.”

Alex nodded. “Yes. You wouldn’t get out of the car like I asked, and you made me angry. I had to do something to make you listen.”

Dee Dee sighed in disgust at the sorry excuse. “Why did you force me to come here with you?”

“Because I need you back, Dee Dee.”

“For what? To torture me? To abuse me? No, Alex. I’m not letting you put me through hell again.”

“Okay. Maybe once or twice I was a bit gruff, but I couldn’t help it. The drugs had me all messed up.” Alex supplied his popular excuse.

“Why didn’t you try to get professional help? You wanted me to help you get off the drugs, but we both knew I couldn’t have done it if I’d wanted to.”

“Because I didn’t want everyone knowing my business.”

“Oh, right. Your image.” Dee Dee scoffed. “That’s the main reason I got caught up in your trap and lived through a nightmare.”

“Come on, Dee Dee. You know that you wanted to be with me. You still do, and you’ll get your chance. You’ll always be with me. Always.”

= = == = =


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