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 Post subject: Fools Rush In (Part 16)
PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 8:09 pm 
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(Part 16)

Dr. Turnan drove to his destination; the Kinsley Research foundation, knowing there was no way to avoid the confrontation to come. Dr. Ingram made that clear with yesterday’s phone call.

Dr. Gerald Ingram; chief of staff called Alex into his office. The visit wasn’t one for praise on the good work Alex has contributed to the foundation, but of the consequences he’d be facing if he didn’t meet the terms awaiting him. As the two men quietly walked down the hall; taking the elevator to the twelfth floor conference room, Alex knew for certain that he was in for strict punishment for his actions.

After Alex took a seat at the rectangular shaped table; joining several other men and women who were called to the meeting, Dr. Ingram began to speak.
“Alex, I don’t know how you did it, but up until the most recent, you’ve passed every drug screening test. I don’t know how many other times we could have found it, but if this wasn’t your first time using, you’ve done very well with hiding it. You know you were a wonderful asset to us, but finding traces of cocaine in your system isn’t something we can overlook, and you must suffer the consequences. But, since we haven’t actually found the drug on the premises, we won’t involve the police in the matter. You should be grateful for that.”
Alex didn’t utter a word of gratitude. He only lowered his head slightly as Dr. Ingram continued.
“We’ve contacted the AMA in the states, and they’ll be in charge of any other suitable penalty. As of this moment, you are to terminate any current research activity, so they may be reassigned to another member of the staff, and I am to collect all of your means of authorization to perform such activities.”

As Alex opened his briefcase for the papers, he began to feel a tiny amount of regret for his actions, but didn’t feel the need to express it aloud. He thought – “So much lost, in so little time.”

While Dr. Ingram took the papers in hand, he continued to speak and reprimand Alex, as other heads of staff joined in with their words of disapproval and frustration. “We were anxiously looking forward to your educating future scientist, while chairing at Oxford, as well as putting more of your talents to good use here. But, obviously that isn’t going to happen.” The doctor sighed heavily at the thought of Alex’s failure. He had to know what propelled Alex into such ruin. “Why on earth would you put such poison inside yourself?”

“Experimentation.” Alex simply answered. “All scientists must experiment, Dr. Ingram. And this was my own personal study.”

With expressions of great displeasure and anger at Alex’s reply, Dr. Ingram offered an unsympathetic look. “Well, I certainly hope you haven’t involved your wife in any of these…experiments.” All at the table were curious to know the answer and were relieved when Alex answered - “No…I haven’t.”

Dr. Ingram gave Alex his final instructions. “You are no longer a member of the staff here, and you must leave immediately. You need to turn in any keys, pass cards, and identification badges. After you do so, you’ll be escorted from the grounds by security guards.” The Doctor offered some final words. “I advice you to seek help by attending a rehabilitation facility where you can receive proper treatment for your problem.”

Without a word, Alex rose to leave the room. After being escorted to his office to retrieve his belongings, he was shown off of the property; guards watching until he drove away.


As her husband made the drive home, Dee Dee stood in the room where she kept her paint supplies and beginning artwork. She stirred the bluish-gray paint over and over while her mind settled on the thoughts of Alex being a coke user, and it scared her. There was so much she didn’t know about him, yet she allowed herself to believe she knew enough to have him as her loving husband and father of her children. For whatever the reason, she felt that the same Alexander Turnan she met over eight years ago had to be inside the exterior form which is so destructive, abusive and angry. She didn’t know how, when or if she’d actually go about finding what caused the drastic change in him, but it was definitely something not to leave her thoughts anytime soon.

When Alex; without a word, passed the room Dee Dee was in, she was curious about why he was home so soon. He rarely took a day off, and when he did, he didn’t spend it at home. Without asking why he was home, she tried again to focus on her painting.

Alex sat inside his office alone with the earlier moments of the day floating in his head, and he could only curse himself for allowing Monica to be a destructive force in his life. He held her responsible for a huge part of his life being the way it is, as she was the one who introduced him to the world of drug abuse, and she was also the one who encouraged him to become a regular user. He also knew that he could have said no to her. It wasn’t as if she used threats or brute force to get him to this point. But the way she manipulated him with offers of drug euphoria, untamed sex and a life of complete spontaneity, was enough to keep him going back for more. It was as if she too was a drug of his addiction.
Monica Fallon, this wild woman that Alexander Turnan couldn’t refuse, aided in his bringing torture and turmoil into his home and into the life of D’Andrea Turnan. Within the few days of being free of Miss Fallon, Alex was beginning to see things in a different light; that perhaps he didn’t need her as much as he thought. Along with admitting that to himself, and what he believed to be warnings in his nightmares, he knew that whatever he and Monica shared should come to an end. Especially if he would succeed in rebuilding his career….and his life.

After a couple hours of wondering about Alex and doing much of nothing with the paint supplies, Dee Dee checked her watch and saw it was time she headed to the community center.
“Hey…” She poked her head inside the office. “I’m going to the center. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Okay.” Alex replied without turning toward his wife.

She knew that he’d told her she could volunteer at the center, but with his irrational moods, she still expected him to protest at any moment. When he didn’t she went down to her car and drove off.

Alex’s office phone rang, and he picked it up to hear a familiar voice.

“Dr. Turnan. I know you’ve missed me terribly and I’m calling to let you know your suffering will soon be over.”


“You were expecting someone else? I thought I was the only one. My feelings are hurt.” Monica said with false sadness.


From his reply, Monica sensed that Alex hadn’t missed her very much at all. “Alex, is something wrong?”

Alex replied somberly. “I’ve got some things going on that really need straightening out.”

Monica quickly thought of what could be troubling Alex, and immediately began her questioning. “Oh…no. Dee Dee’s pregnant, isn’t she? What about the abortion? Did she fight you on it? You’ll get her to have it done anyway, right? You know she’s only after your money with this kid.”

“Slow down Monica. Dee Dee isn’t pregnant. She never was.”

“Oh.” Monica sighed in relief. “Well that’s good news, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. But there are other things going on that I need to take care of.”

Monica heard the melancholy tone in his voice again. “Like what? Tell me, and maybe I can help.”

Alex thought silently -“You’ve helped enough.” The realization of Monica being a huge part of his troubles was getting stronger. Since their relationship wasn’t one of compassion, he couldn’t imagine what help she’d be.

“Alex? Are you still there?”


“Well, tell me what’s going on. Is it something wrong at work?”

“That’s part of it. I don’t want to go into it over the phone.”

“Okay.” For the moment, Monica would lay off the questions and explain her reason for calling. “Well, I called to tell you I won’t be leaving Paris for London tonight. I’ve decided to go ahead and meet with another client. We’ll be meeting in three days, and I didn’t see the sense in taking a flight home and coming right back here. I’m looking forward to being with you again; having those perfectly wild moments together.” Monica paused for Alex’s comment, but didn’t’ get one. “There’ll be a special package arriving just after I get to the apartment. Maybe you could go by and pick it up for safe keeping in case I’m late. I can imagine you’re anxious to get your hands on both of us.” She giggled with a trail of wickedness.

“Yeah…”Alex was hesitated in thought. “Well, I hope you have a safe trip home. I’ll talk to you about things when you get here.”

Monica, still unsatisfied with Alex’s conduct, began again with direct questions. “Are you seeing someone else, Alex? Is that what’s going on?”

“No. That’s not it, Monica.” He replied somberly.

“Then, what is it? You don’t sound like yourself and you don’t seem very interested in me. What’s wrong?”

“I….” Alex sighed deeply at the thought of Monica’s reaction to the bombshell he was about to drop. “I got caught.”

“You got caught?” Monica knew immediately what he meant. “You were caught by whom? At work…Dee Dee…the cops, what? Tell me.”

“Drug screening….at work.”

“How the hell did that happen? You had ever precaution needed and they never fail. Obviously you didn’t use them. Why?!”

“I guess I let it slip my mind.”

Alex’s demeanor was more than surprising to Monica.

“It slipped…it slipped your mind?! How, Alex?!” Monica’s rage grew. “How?! We did everything to cover it up! It was routine as pissing first thing in the morning, for heaven’s sake!”

The two had actually gone to great lengths to keep from being caught. They had contacts that supplied them with products to allow them to appear drug free, no matter the type of testing; urine, blood, saliva or hair samples, they would be safe. They had the whole plan running like a well-oiled machine, and it was too easy for Alex not to screw up.

“That was really stupid of you, Alex! Why didn’t you take care of it?! Did you want to get caught?!”

Alex kept the answer to himself. “Look, Monica. There’s a lot more you don’t understand, and don’t know about. I can’t discuss it over the phone. Let’s wait until you come back.”

Monica couldn’t end the conversation yet. There was no way she’d let Alex off so easily. “You’ve decided to play house with your pathetic wife after all, haven’t you? Damn it!” Rage led her every word as she paced the room. “I can’t believe you’re doing this **** to me! After all I’ve done for you! I was the one that showed you how to enjoy life…how to live! You were just as boring as your pitiful tight-assed wife until you met me! I was there to listen to you ***** and moan about any complaints you had about Dee Dee! And this is the thanks I get?!” She was absolutely livid, with a boa’s grip on the phone receiver.

Alex maintained a much calmer tone. “Monica, calm down. Please. You’ve got things twisted. I need to explain, but I can’t now. I’ll talk to you about everything when you get home.”

“Fine! Whatever the f-ck you say, Alex! Just so you know…. I won’t let you use me anymore! I’m not Dee Dee! I won’t put up with your ****! You were only good for two things, and you’re easily replaceable!” After inhaling and exhaling deeply, a more composed Monica finished the conversation. “I’ve got to go. Someone’s waiting for me. I’ll see you later, and we will definitely have a talk. A long talk, because I still have a lot to say to you, and you really need to explain yourself to me.” With that said, Alex heard the loud slam of the phone receiver against its cradle.

After the harrowing phone conversation with Monica, Alex felt he needed a line of coke to modify his thoughts. He reached for a hollowed out book on his office shelf, which contained all he needed; the drug, a small mirror, a razor blade and quarter length piece of a drinking straw. For a brief moment he thought of how this very treat was the cause of his dismissal from the job he’d dreamed of for so long, and how it controlled his thoughts and behavior more often than he’d like. As he used the blade to make an even line of the powder, he admitted it was his downfall, and he promised himself he’d get help, but not at this very moment. This moment would be used to feed his addiction once again. Unfortunately, it would be up to his wife to deal with his unpredictable actions that may come.

Alex hadn’t inhaled enough of the drug to keep him high for very long at all. He spent most of the evening drinking bourbon; which overruled the coke and brought on a heavy sleep.

Although dreading the return home, Dee Dee maintained a fair amount of the happy mood she gathered from spending time with the children. She wanted to visit her friend and neighbor, Celise but she knew if she wasn’t home when Alex woke up; as he knew she should be back from the center, there’d be hell to pay. Once inside the house, she found Alex asleep in his office. Before she added a second thought to visiting her friend or to waking her husband, Alex began to stir in his sleep. Still and quiet, Dee Dee stood near the sofa and watched for a few seconds as he became more restless, then quickly woke with a start. As Alex focused his eyes, he slowly began to realize his wife was standing at the end of the sofa.

“I’d like to visit with Celise for a while. Is that okay? I cooked dinner earlier today, so it’s ready when you are.” She felt so degraded having to get permission, but it was the only option for now.

As Alex sat up; just before his head reminded him he’d drank quite a lot in a short time, he answered his wife’s question. “Yeah, go ahead.”

Dee Dee never knew what to expect from her husband, and this was a bit of a surprise to her. She figured he’d say no, and raise hell over her asking, but she took the chance of asking and she got what she wanted.
After the visit, she returned home to find Alex in front of the television. He looked as if he was lost in thought or maybe just lost within himself. She didn’t say anything more than “I’m back” and went to kitchen for a bite to eat. As Alex entered the kitchen, a nervous twitch invaded Dee Dee’s stomach. Every moment was always unpredictable with Alex, and she wasn’t sure of what to expect. She was put at ease when he did nothing more than toss a beer can in the recycle bin and head upstairs.
After finishing her meal, she too went upstairs for a quick shower and to change into her navy blue satin pajamas. After brushing her teeth, a little extra facial cleansing, and putting her hair into a loose ponytail atop her head, she climbed into bed.
She was a little worried because Alex joined her in bed last night, and she didn’t have a clue as to if he’d come back tonight. She could only wait and see.
While Alex remained in his office for a few hours, Dee Dee scanned through a magazine and watched the news. There was a piece on the rate of domestic abuse being on the climb in some areas of England, and listed an increasingly high percentage of the victims as pregnant women. While her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of those victims, Dee Dee’s hand glided slowly back and forth over the soft fabric covering her slightly expanded tummy. She sighed and shook her head with the disbelief at the saddening report; never acknowledging that she was a victim herself.

After the news, an episode of “I Love Lucy” followed. Dee Dee was able to free her mind of stressful thoughts and get a few laughs while Lucy Ricardo and partner in mischief; Ethel Mertz, lost the battle against chocolate candies and a conveyer belt.
Minutes after the show ended, Alex came into the bedroom and Dee Dee’s lighthearted mood changed to uncertainty. She had hoped she’d be spared of clinging to the edge of the bed while trying to sleep like she’d done before. But with Alex there, it wouldn’t be so. The night before, she didn’t know if she’d sleep at all as she was unsure of Alex’s intent. She did manage a few hours of anxious sleep, and if not for the disturbance from Alex’s nightmare, she may have been able to add a few extra minutes of rest.

Immediately after Alex climbed into bed, Dee Dee took her position on the edge of her side of the bed. Alex had a few surprising words for her.

“You don’t have to sleep like that.” Alex said as he settled his back against the headboard. “There’s enough room for the both of us.”

She thought of when he spoke of helping her fulfill her sexual needs, and assured herself she’d be better off where she was. Then, she realized that if he wanted to, he could grab her and pin her down like he did that day on the sofa. She wasn’t safe and she felt angry at herself for even thinking she may not be able to protect herself. Getting into a physical fight could be risky for the baby, but she’d do what she could to protect him or her as best as she could. She thought - “If I do fight back, maybe he’ll leave alone, and I won’t have worry about it anymore.” Dee Dee couldn’t find an easy way to bring up the question she wanted to ask, so with her back still to her husband, she slowly began to ease the question out.

“Alex. If you wanted to…have sex, and I didn’t.…would you…force me to anyway?” Uneasily, she awaited the answered.

“No.” Alex quickly replied. “There are things I can say and do to you; like knock you around when you piss me off, or just to keep you in check.” Alex slightly smiled to himself; knowing he was the mighty ruler. “But rape…no, not on the list. Whether you believe me or not is entirely up to you. Is that why you’re hanging off the side of the bed?” He snickered. Dee Dee slightly nodded her head ‘yes’ before Alex continued. “I know what I said about us having sex, and I do believe you’ll be inclined to agree at some point.” Dee Dee cringed at the horrid remark – ‘you’ll be inclined to agree.’
Her stomach turned at the thought, as she closed her eyes tightly and screamed from within -“Never!”
“Look…” Alex began. “The past few nights of falling asleep on the sofa or at my desk have been kinda rough. So, I thought I’d get back to sleeping in here. That’s all.” There was no response from his wife. “Did you hear me, Dee Dee?”

“I heard you.” She replied softly. Though she wasn’t completely trusting of Alex, she determined that being in a more comfortable position might allow better rest for her, and also benefit the baby’s health. She slid back a couple of inches from the edge into a slightly more comfortable spot.

As Alex watched the scrolling stock market information on television, his thoughts slowly turned to what the near future may hold for him. The future would surely hold an altercation with Monica, as she made it very clear that they’d finish was started during their phone conversation. He’d intended to finish it, but hopefully in a less hostile manner. There also the matter of dealing with any further retribution from the AMA and the possibility of never having license to research again.
Before turning off the television and sliding beneath the covers, he glanced over at his wife. It would be so much easier to control her than anything else he’d have to deal with. He knew that no matter what, she’d be the least of his worries.

Within a half hour, Dee Dee was breathing at a calmer pace and before drifting off to sleep, she prayed for the strength to get through anything that may be worse than what she’s suffered so far.


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