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 Post subject: Fools Rush In - Part 14
PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 3:34 pm 
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Please excuse any typos/errors.
I'm continuing to copy from a very, very old original set of files. I'm in the slow process of editing the entire story. I plan to post from the start once I've made some decent progress.
I only continue to add more from the original as a few fans haven't read any of the story before and would like to.

=== ====

(Part 14)

After leaving the doctor’s office, Dee Dee drove around aimlessly, thinking and dreading to return home. The visit to the doctor’s office turned into a most surprising event and she needed to collect herself emotionally, before facing Alex. When Dr. Cameron broke the news to her, she was in an unexplainable state of being, and wasn’t sure of how to deal with the situation. As she continued to drive, thoughts of people involved in her life, as well as her uncertain future swirled throughout her mind. She was desperate for solutions.

After quite some time behind the wheel, she found herself at the same park she came to after Alex practically assaulted her on the sofa, when she explained that he was too forceful during sex. That day wasn’t so wonderful, and for the time being, neither was this day. Like that day, she once again gazed into the goldfish pond, but no matter how hard she looked, the oversized fish didn’t cause enough of a distraction to dissolve thoughts from earlier hours of the day. She knew that what she learned today proved that some things have a peculiar way of turning out, and she’d have to deal with the outcome in the best way possible.

Taking a break from the pond, she settled on a park bench in an attempt at finding at least one emotion to commit to. A loud, long, hard cry was a good one, but she might draw too much attention to herself from other people in the park. Drawing a crowd wasn’t in her plan, so she abandoned the idea of a hard cry.
After taking in the view of the towering trees, the fish pond, and the children playing; and having the cool breeze aid in clearing her mind, she felt it was time to go home. It was time return to an unhappy home and report to her revolting excuse of a husband. It was a task she dreaded more than anything, but couldn’t avoid.

Within fifteen minutes of leaving the park, the modest blue Beretta pulled into the driveway beside the classy black Mercedes. Mrs. Turnan was fairly surprised that the owner of the more exquisite automobile was able to break away from his mistress. Whispering a prayer that she wouldn’t have any altercation whatsoever with her husband; not only from the moment she entered the house, but for every moment of every day that would follow. Finding her husband in the den, at his desk was no surprise.
Before she could fully enter the room, Alex spun around in his desk chair; and without any considerate approach, asked the vital questions of the day. “What’s the result? Pregnant…or not?”

With a deep sigh, Dee Dee answered her husband appropriately. “No, Alex. I’m not pregnant with your baby.”

“Good.” Alex sighed with relief. “That’s saves the cost of an abortion.”

The callous remark wasn’t a great shock to Dee Dee as she knew how heartless Alex could be.

“Did Dr. Cameron give you a reason for the suspected signs of pregnancy?”

Alex’s interest in her health was quite surprising for Dee Dee, because she didn’t think he gave a damn about her. “What difference does it make? I’m not having your baby and that’s what you really wanted to hear.”

“Come on, Dee Dee. Amuse me.” Alex said mockingly. “I’m just a little curious, I guess. If you’re actually ill, I’d like to be able to explain to people why you look so frail. Can’t have them thinking I’m mistreating you.” As usual, Alex provided a snide remark.

Taking a seat on the arm of the sofa, Mrs. Turnan gave an explanation about her health issues. “I’m anemic. That accounts for most of it; the dizziness, nausea, and tiredness. Dr. Cameron wrote a prescription for iron capsules, and I’ll take vitamin C tablets as well. The Depo-Provera shots most likely caused me to skip my period. It’s happened before; but with all the other symptoms, I just figured I had to be… ”

“What about the positive test result?” Alex jumped in. “That definitely deserves an explanation. I know anemia didn’t cause that.”

Dee Dee provided a solution to the mystery. “The test kit was defective. Dr. Cameron said there’s been a recall on them, but apparently I got one before it was pulled from the store. The test reads the HCG levels much higher than they actually are.”

Alex’s face expressed utter satisfaction. “Well, I guess that answers everything. I’m going to make an appointment for myself; because this little scare of yours makes me want to be sure I’m infertile.”

Dee Dee shook her head and thought to herself – “Right. There’s always the chance with Monica.”

Alex had more than Monica on his mind and made it known. “I’m guessing you didn’t get any type of birth control because of the vasectomy, and you figure we won’t be intimate anymore because of Monica.” Alex stood and walked over to his wife. “But you just might be wrong.”
As he stood behind her she tensed up. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end while he caressed her arms, and applied gentle kisses along her neck. She didn’t understand why he’d even consider being with her, since he didn’t love her, and he had Monica.

Uncertain of the reaction he’d display, Mrs. Turnan approached her husband with the matter as gently as possible. “Alex. I thought I didn’t make you happy. Please understand that I’m not trying to start a fight with my questioning. I just don’t know why you’d want to be with me, when you’ve said I don’t please you when it comes to sex, and Monica does.” She nervously awaited an infuriated blow-up from Alex.

“Come on, Dee Dee. I do have some feelings for you.” Alex spoke between the kisses he placed on his wife’s neck and shoulders. “I might want to express those feelings with you sometime.” He turned her around to face the smug look on his face. “You’re a woman with sexual desires, and I can help you fulfill them.”

The thought was repulsed Dee Dee and she felt her stomach churn with disgust.

Before Alex continued with his thoughts, the telephone rang. “I’m sure this is the call I’ve been waiting for. I’ll talk to you more about us later.” He walked toward the doorway and exited the room.

As quickly as she could, Dee Dee left the den, ran up to the bedroom and lay across the bed. For a few minutes, she pondered on earlier ideas she had in the park…take a risk and run. She could sell her car, and get enough for airfare, but where would she go, and who would she go to? Alex had really driven the idea of her family and friends being ashamed of her into her mind. She worried that even if she could start over in a new place, what would Alex do to her if he caught her attempting to leave?
More disturbing thoughts from her marriage roamed through her mind. Such as - Though she and Alex were basically roommates, he wouldn’t permit her sleep on the sofa. He demanded she sleep in their bedroom and in their bed with him. When she protested one day, he pushed her to the bed and told her she’d stay if she knew what was good for her. The threats he’d made before, were enough to keep her there and she could only hope and pray that he wasn’t serious about them having sex. But, with the actions and information he’d just shown and to her given downstairs, it was apparent that she may be wrong.

After changing into something more comfortable, Dee Dee sat on her side of the bed and took a small bag from her purse. The white paper bag, with the words Jackson’s Apothecary printed in blue, contained one bottle of prescribed capsules and one bottle of over the counter vitamin C tablets. After releasing a deep sigh, she took the bottles from the bag, sat the vitamins aside on the nightstand, and read the enclosed information sheet for the prescribed medication. Cromagen Forte - Iron Supplement. Take one capsule daily, for prenatal care. The words prenatal care, struck a cord of reality within Dee Dee. It was the reality that she’s most definitely pregnant. The idea of telling Alex the truth would absolutely be something to avoid. But how long could she do it?
She stood in front of the full size mirror; placing her hand on the minuscule bump on her otherwise taut abdomen and thought deeply about her predicament. At some point; within a matter of weeks, the evidence of her secret would begin to appear with her expanding belly. As her eyes began to sting from the increasing tears, she felt happiness at the thought of her baby, and sadness from the thought of its father not wanting to be a parent at the time. “Well, little angel…” She whispered to her unborn child. “I finally have you growing inside me, and I’m so happy that you are. I love you so much, little one.” With a single tear rolling down her cheek; her hand still upon her stomach, Dee Dee continued to speak softly to her precious gift. “How will I ever tell your Daddy about you? You won’t have to worry, though. If he won’t accept you, then I’ll love you enough for the both of us. We’ll be fine without him.”


Dee Dee couldn’t get the discussion at Dr. Cameron’s office out of her mind. She knew she’d never stop thinking of it, because it would definitely have a major impact on her future, not to mention the future of her unborn child. Sitting on the edge of the bed; the previous events of the day replayed in her mind over and over.

(A few hours earlier – Dr. Cameron’s office)

“I have your test results right over here.” Dr. Cameron picked the folder up from her desk. “Although the HCG level in your blood test results won’t be available for a few hours, your urine test proves the same as the test you took at home. And I feel safe in saying…you’re pregnant.” The doctor smiled broadly, as she knew how much this baby was wanted.

Dee Dee was silent. Although she’d gotten a positive reading on the home pregnancy test, hearing a doctor actually confirm it was something she’d dreamed of for years. Now that the time had arrived she didn’t know how to express herself. Stunned by the reality of having a baby; Alex’s baby, presented a load of assorted emotions for her. She desperately wanted a child, but bringing one into the circus she shared with Alex definitely wasn’t what she wanted at all.

Dr. Cameron saw her of look of uncertainty. “Dee Dee, are you okay?”

“Umm…yeah.” She started slowly, trying to deal with the initial shock. “It’s just that…I…I always pictured myself getting the news … and then wanting to run out and tell the world. I just don’t feel that way. Don’t misunderstand, because I’m extremely happy about the baby, but I just…I just….” Giving up on an explanation, Dee Dee opted for questions. “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I feel the way I thought I would?”

Dr. Cameron provided some answers. “I have no doubt that you want this baby, because you convinced me of that from the start. You’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress, by having your husband wanting you to abort the baby. The baby you created together. That’s enough to take the wind out of you.” The doctor thought of how hard it must be for her patient. “You just have to take it as it comes. No two women react the same way, even under less traumatic circumstances. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like doing back flips right now. You just take your time getting used to the reality of it all.”

“Thanks.” Dee Dee sighed with slight relief. “I’m glad someone has some answers. I’ll try to be more positive. After all; I do have one of my fondest wishes coming true.” She smiled at the thought, but it quickly faded when another thought came. “Unfortunately, the marriage isn’t what I….”

“Don’t worry over it now.” The doctor stopped her in mid-sentence. “Maybe you and Alex should try counseling. That is, if you want to stay in the relationship.” Dr. Cameron wanted to lessen the anxiety for her patient. “Right now, I don’t want you to think about the marriage. I know it won’t be easy, but for the sake of your baby, and yourself, let’s keep the stress level low.”

Dee Dee nodded in agreement. “Okay. I’ll try.”

“Good. Now, let’s check on that baby.” After calling the nurse in for assistance, Dr. Cameron asked Dee Dee to lie back on the examination table, as she began to explain the procedure. “We need to give you a full examination, including a bimanual exam to determine the size your uterus and pelvis.” Nina saw the ever popular look of dread that came across the faces of many of her patients, come across Dee Dee’s face as well. She patted her on the knee and told her to try not to worry, and to relax as much as possible. “I can get an idea of how far along you are by the size of your uterus.”

Toni tried to ease Dee Dee’s tension by placing a caring hand upon her shoulder. “It’ll be a little uncomfortable, but only for a short time.”

After the exam, Dr. Cameron was ready for the ultrasound. “Okay. You can stop staring at the ceiling now.” The doctor laughed a little as Dee Dee let out a sigh of relief. “I’ve got something much better for you to see. You suspect you’re around seven weeks?”


“Well, a Doppler usually can’t detect a baby's heartbeat before ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy, but we’ll be able to see a little something.” During the ultrasound, the doctor pointed out the darkened area on the screen. “You see? This little tiny peanut, is your baby.”

“I see it, but I can’t believe it.” The smile upon Dee Dee’s face was of joy and amazement. “That’s actually my baby growing inside me. How amazing, is that?”

The doctor added more to her observation. “You and Alex have been married for seven weeks, right?”


“Well, it looks like this little one came about before the wedding night.”

“Yeah...Alex and I slept together a week or so, before the wedding.”

Dr. Cameron looked at her patient questionably. “Are you sure it was only a week or so?”

Dee Dee was now the one with a questioning look. “What do you mean?” She asked innocently; surprising the doctor with her reply. She knew exactly of what the doctor was about to say, but she couldn’t expel the truth just yet.

“Well, we need to recalculate the days and be sure, but from the exam, and what I see on the monitor, it appears that you’re at least ten weeks along. It’s not until around seven weeks; that we can see that the embryo is about an inch long, and has fairly strong heartbeat. I’m already picking up those images and sound.” Dr. Cameron removed her earphones and turned up the volume on the machine. “Listen.”

Dee Dee could clearly hear the quick paced whooshing sound from the machine. It was her baby’s heartbeat and she was elated to hear it. Combined feelings of joy and uncertainty for the future; as well as her feeling of the child’s father raced through her mind. Knowing that the secret should be shared, she finally had to admit to herself and to Dr. Cameron, the truth of when the baby was conceived. Asking for permission to sit up, she tried to make herself comfortable; both physically and mentally before her explanation. “As for when I slept with Alex, I’m absolutely sure about the time frame. It was only about a week before the wedding.” She sighed heavily, at the thought of any future negative reaction from Dr. Cameron, but she continued. “But, three weeks before Alex came back to Los Angeles, I’d just broken off a very serious relationship with someone else.” She hesitated for the doctor’s judgmental reaction, but didn’t receive one. “His name is Rick. And he’s my baby’s father.” Whether embarrassed, proud or fearful of Rick’s response if she told him about their baby, she could feel her face warm with emotion. She was relieved to be able to share the truth. No more denying was necessary. “I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you from the start, but since Rick and I split, nothing has really added up like it should, and it’s just like I didn’t want to hear the truth from myself. It really hurts to be alone in the situation.”

“I can imagine.” Without a sign judgment, Nina Cameron held and lightly squeezed Dee Dee’s hand in support. “And I know you weren’t exactly comfortable about sharing the news, but I want you to know that you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. With the way things are with Alex, I’m sure this stirs up quite a dilemma for you. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with Rick, but at least you’ll get a wonderful gift from someone that really loved you.” The doctor’s smile eased the tension.

“Thanks for understanding.”

“Sure.” After another reassuring smile from the doctor and word of support from the nurse, Dee Dee was asked to lie back again in order to finish the testing. After seeing the image of her baby again, she felt both closer and farther away from Rick. A part of him was growing inside her, but she wasn’t able to share the joyous news with him. Even if she could share, she wasn’t sure if he’d want to hear it.

Her wandering thoughts were interrupted by the doctor.

“We’re done here. You go ahead and get dressed, then come into my office down the hall. Toni can show you the way.”

After a few moments Dee Dee entered the doctor’s office. “Come on in, and have a seat.” Dr. Cameron pointed to the seat opposite her desk. “When you filled out the forms about the father, you put what you know about Alex’s health. I need to know about Rick’s health and his immediate family’s health background.” Dr. Cameron handed Dee Dee the necessary forms. “You can fill these out at home, and get them back to me as soon as you can. I hope getting in touch with Rick won’t be a problem.”

“I know how to get in touch with him.” Dee Dee replied with little enthusiasm as she knew the task may be easier said than done.

“That’s good. Another thing, I feel I have to mention is that you need to decide what you’ll do about your situation with Alex. As badly as he wanted you to abort his baby, I hate to imagine the consequences when he finds out you’re carrying Rick’s baby. I think you should prepare yourself to leave Alex or that he may leave you.”

“I know. There’s no way he’ll accept this baby, and I wouldn’t even want him to. I can’t have him hurting me anymore.” Unintentionally, she spoke the last sentence aloud.

“Excuse me?” The doctor showed great concern after what she’d just heard. “Did you say you can’t have him hurting you anymore? Has Alex been physically abusing you, Dee Dee?”

Dee Dee, as the fearful Mrs. Turnan emerged; knew she’d said too much. “I meant that he says a lot of hurtful things. Things like wanting me to terminate the pregnancy.”

“Verbal abuse is horrible as well, and shouldn’t be tolerated.” The doctor needed more assurance. “He hasn’t done anything more?”

“No.” Dee Dee tried to evade any more questions. “I don’t want to keep you from your other patients, so if we’re finished I should go.”

“Okay. But promise me, that if he ever hits you, or does anything to put your life or your baby’s life at risk, you’ll get out and get help. Talk to me, a friend, or a family member. Please. Here’s a card with the number to a hotline for abused women.” A little reluctant, Dee Dee took the card. “I want to see you back here in a month to check your blood count for the anemia.”

“Alright. I’ll be here.”

“Take care of yourself, okay? And don’t worry about not being overly excited about the baby. It’ll happen soon enough.”

“Thanks, Dr. Cameron.” With a faint smile, Dee Dee left the office.


(The Turnan’s Bedroom)

Still sitting on the edge of the bed, Dee Dee thought of dealing with Alex. She also thought of telling and of not telling Rick about their baby. The idea of Rick rejecting his child, and blaming her for trying to ruin his life was enough to bring burning tears to her eyes. She desperately needed someone other than her doctor to talk to. She thought to herself – “Who can I trust with this?”

Most any other subject might require a discussion with, and an opinion from her best friend Rick. But this one had to be managed without him.



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