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 Post subject: Fools Rush In (part 12)
PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:04 am 
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(Part 12)

Dee Dee was stunned. She had seen Alex angry before, but this was more than any type of anger he’d displayed in the past. This was fueled by evil, and it was incredibly frightening to her. “Alex. Please let me go.” She struggled to free herself from his grasp, but was unsuccessful against his strength. “There’s no reason for me to stay here. You don’t love me, and I can’t do anything to help you, even if I wanted to.”

Alex shook his head ‘no’ as he tightened his hold on her arms. The peach fabric of her sweater may have matched her pants completely, but as a protective shield against Alex’s grip, it was useless. She looked directly into his eyes, seeing the fury blazing as bright as fire. She had seen this particular look before, when she dealt with people who were keyed up on drugs. She could only stand trapped; watching as he as raged on.

“I can’t let you leave, Dee Dee! You’ll ruin everything! Do you think I’d trust you to keep quiet if I let you go?! Hell no! You’ll have me in court for a divorce; spreading my business like wildfire and screw up my life! You’ll tell everyone what I did; every single word of the truth, and I can’t risk that!”

The words Alex spoke were the evidence to Dee Dee that she about to become a prisoner within the confines of the Turnan home, and shiver of fear tore through her like a bolt of lightning. She realized she’d have to either talk her way out, or fight her way out; hoping she could depend on option number one. She had an idea to knee him in the groin, but he was standing too close, blocking her legs with his. “Alex, I know you’re really angry, and we should sit and talk about it. Are you willing?” If she could get him to release her and take a seat, it would buy her time for an escape out the front door and to her car or a neighbor’s home.

“You want to talk to me?!” Alex yelled. “If anyone’s going to do any talking around here, it’ll be me!” Alex unexpectedly snatched her away from the door, and pulled her with full force towards the sofa. After he shoved his wife to sit on the sofa, and sat closely beside her; his grip firm on her arm. “I’ve got some instructions for what you’ll do in the morning. You’re going find out if you’re really pregnant or not. Like you said; it could be possible, even if I did have a vasectomy.” Alex winced at the thought of becoming a father. It was definitely not in his game plan. “I want you to go to Nina Cameron. I’ve known her for a long time. I trust her to get the results to us right away.” Alex’s temper had cooled, but his malicious attitude remained. “The quicker we find out, the quicker you can have the abortion if you are pregnant.”

With her feelings of anger transforming more into loss, Dee Dee suddenly felt as she was literally shrinking. With every word and action from Alex, she felt a little smaller, and a little more powerless. It was as if her self-worth was beginning to dwindle. Taking a throw pillow to hold for a sense of security, she lowered her eyes with the sensation of defeat. The words -“This can’t be…it can’t be real.” echoed deeply within her thoughts. The sudden ringing of the telephone startled her, but she didn’t look up. She only waited for Alex to answer, as she was most definitely in no mood to talk to anyone. Alex kept his seat beside her, as the answering machine began Alex’s prerecorded greeting. After the instructions on how to reach the doctor in the event of an emergency, the machine proceeded with the standard “beep”.

“Hey, umm…..Dee Dee. It’s me, Rick…..”

For a split second, Dee Dee wanted to grab the phone and report a 10-57 (crime in progress) the crime… a hostage situation; the victim, Mrs. D’Andrea Turnan.
Given Alex’s behavior, a 10-77 (narcotics suspected) could make the report as well.

“Hey!” Alex shouted and turned his cold eyes to his wife. “Don’t even think about picking up that phone!”

She never looked up.

Rick continued with his message. “It’s time for our weekly catching up. I guess you’re out, so I’ll try to catch you again later. Take care of yourself.”

The ending of the message caused a tear to roll down Dee Dee’s cheek. She needed Rick so very much at the moment, but her emotional state wouldn’t allow her to talk to him, even if Alex hadn’t commanded her not to.

“What did he mean a weekly catching up?! How long have you two been talking and what the hell do you have to talk to him about?!”

Dee Dee still clutching the throw pillow; slightly raised her head in an effort to answer. “I…we….we just talk about…old times, and….”

“You’re not a cop anymore!” Alex ended her feeble attempt to explain. “I don’t want anything related to your former life to be brought into or talked about in my house!”

Dee Dee’s lowered her eyes once again to their previous position, as Alex stood across the room from her with more news.

“I’ve got rules for you, and you’d better follow them!” With his commanding voice, he spewed his list of regulations. “One; you will not leave this marriage! Two; you will not have any contact with anyone I don’t know about! Three; you will not go anywhere with anyone unless I know about it! And four; you will most definitely not discuss anything about this setup to anyone!” Alex was rather content with his instructions and even tried a bit of humor with his bizarre list. “I shouldn’t have used the word setup. What a way to describe our perfect little marriage. Yeah. What we have is the perfect marriage….perfect for me, and it’ll continue to be as such, as long as you abide by the rules. And, that was just the beginning of the list.”

Dee Dee cringed at the thought of being trapped in such a hellish arrangement and wanted so badly to awaken from the nightmare. With tears streaming from her eyes, she mustered enough courage to once again try and talk Alex into letting her leave. “Alex. Will you please, please let me go?” She raised her head to look at him. “I swear I won’t tell anyone what happened. I’ll tell them that I was to blame for our marriage failing; that I had an affair, and you kicked me out. I’ll tell them anything you want me to! Anything!” Dee Dee’s eyes searched Alex’s for a glimmer of agreement to her suggestion. “Please, Alex.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Alex scoffed at the idea. “You’d run straight to your boyfriend; the Dirty Harry wannabe, and tell every single detail! No deal!” As he paced the floor with agitation; Alex began to add more insult to injury. “Tell me something. How the hell do you expect to get back to the States, with no money? I assume that’s where you’d go…back to your rent-a-cop partner. I know you don’t have any money, because you spent what little you had on that piece of **** of a car. The stuff you sold…your furniture; Rick hasn’t sent any money from that has he?” Dee Dee didn’t answer. “I didn’t think so. And you told me yourself how you went through Steve’s insurance, by buying a different house every couple of years because each one held some form of a bad memory for you. That was really smart of you, Dee Dee.” Alex’s snide remark was as hurtful as any of his others. As much as she’d hate to ask Rick or her parents for the money, she felt it would be the only answer. Alex continued. “I should hope you’re not thinking of asking your parents or rent-a-cop to pay for your trip back.”

It was as if Alex was reading her mind, as he depleted her plan of its energy.
“I’d think you’d be too embarrassed to go begging for help, after you practically blew everybody off at a moment’s notice in order to run away me.”

Dee Dee noted that Alex was becoming quite talented at forcing her emotions into a state of frenzy. She thought about how she did practically push everyone aside; just to have a fantasy become reality. She didn’t have to be reminded of how she’d hurt Rick more than anyone else.

“Remember, Dee Dee, you gave up the gritty grunge work of a cop to have your most heartfelt fantasy come true. To marry every girls dream…a combination of Prince Charming and a wonderfully talented doctor. You’ll be a complete laughing stock if you went back. I know exactly what they’d say. ‘Poor Dee Dee. She rushed to marry then wound up losing everything. She must have done something horrible, to cause her marriage to fail. No husband, no home, no career. Now she has to beg us for money, and crawl back pleading for her job. She’s even lost her best friend, Sergeant Rick Hunter. He must feel really embarrassed for her.’

The words cut as deeply as knives. Dee Dee questioned how she could have given up what she had with Rick, to fall for such a ******* who held not one iota of compassion for her. This Alexander Jay Turnan was not the man she met eight years ago. Or was he? Just as she has been disguised as a prostitute during a routine work assignment, the man she thought to be so caring had easily been disguised as a human being.
As her mind wandered toward thoughts of Rick; the man that truly loved her, Alex collected her attention once again, in his own unique way….with threats.

“Now, back to what’s really important.” Alex knelt down in front of Dee Dee, who; still clutching the pillow had drawn her knees close to her chest. “I don’t think I have to repeat the rules of the game to you again, do I?”

Dee Dee kept her eyes averted from Alex until he demanded she look at him. Her eyes were burning and sore from crying, but she managed to look into the face of the monster as he gave further instruction. “You sure as hell better keep your parents from finding out what’s going on.” Alex found humor in his moment being a bully. “They may not know me as well as they know Rick, but they love me because I’m the wonderful doctor that granted their daughter her wishes. It’d be a pity for you to disappoint them with your lies about me. So, if you don’t want to suffer any consequences, I suggest you follow the rules. Do you understand?”

Dee Dee nodded her head ‘yes’, but Alex told her to say so; and she did as she was told, barely above a whisper. “Yes, I understand.”

“There’s one more thing. If you ever try to leave me, you’ll pay a very heavy price.”

Dee Dee’s eyes widened with fear.

“You don’t have to worry about me killing you. You’re not worth going to prison for.” Doctor Turnan continued eye contact as he sent more fright through his wife’s soul. “I can make you wish I’d killed you, though. That little slap across the face...nothing compared to what I’ll do if you cross me.”

Dee Dee quickly broke eye contact, as she heard the horrible threats loud and clear.

“Am I getting through to you?”


“Good. Now, in the morning, you’ll go see Nina Cameron and find out for sure about this so-called pregnancy. I’ll go make the call now to get you in first thing.”

As Alex moved to the den to place the call, Dee Dee clung to the pillow a little tighter as her body became engulfed by the corner of the sofa. Her mind was becoming engulfed as well; by the cruelty that had been thrust upon her by Alex. She slowly let her body take on the fetal position, as the horrific events of the day replayed themselves within her mind. At the moment the tears had ceased to exist, due to exhaustion and dehydration. The guilt;… it was most prominent within, as she had no one to blame but herself for getting caught up in such a torturous situation. She felt that Alex was right, as to how embarrassing it would be if she returned to Los Angeles. She could never face her family and friends; let alone Rick with the news that she’d screwed up her life, after telling them this was the best thing that could ever happen to her.

Alex returned from the den, after his phone call with Dr. Nina Cameron. “She’ll see you at nine in the morning. She doesn’t know anything about the vasectomy, and you won’t tell her either. I’ve already told her we’re not prepared for a child at the moment, and we want to terminate the pregnancy.”

Dee Dee remained silent. She didn’t have any response for the cruelty that was in the form of Alex’s spoken words. And the idea of seeing any doctor, who agrees with him, was also terrifying for her.

“I guess that’s all, for now.” Alex said casually, as he picked up his car keys. “I’ll be out for a while; maybe the rest of the night. Be sure to make that appointment on time.”
Before leaving, he provided Dee Dee with another reminder of the consequences to be paid, if she left him. She didn’t react. The stillness of her body was that of a statue. As Alex drove away from the house, Dee Dee began to question herself as to how she could be so brainless to accept an invitation to ruin her life with such a demon. She had been in life threatening situations many times before, but nothing like this. During previous times when her life was in danger of being lost, she had her wits about her, and could handle the situation with much strength. She would admit it; she wasn’t always completely fearless, such as the time she fought for her life against Raoul Mariano who beat and raped her, but she did fight. She thought about Frank Lassiter; how he and his hoodlums held her against her will, handcuffed to a filthy bed, in a rat infested room. Other tough times of survival included being shot in the side by her former partner, Gus Trancus, being shot in the back and paralyzed, and suffering the attack of another rapist; Lloyd Fredricks, just to mention a few harrowing experiences. The thing that makes those events so different from this struggle with Alex is that she had Rick to help her carry the heaviest parts of the load. He was there when she felt she couldn’t make it any further. It also came to mind, that the majority of these events were related to her job. She wondered if her strength was only in her career, and if the fact of her not being a police officer anymore was the cause of her lack of mental and physical strength. Instead of trying to coax a woman into building her courage and have her abuser put away, she was now suffering as the victim of domestic abuse. She was being used and betrayed by someone she actually cared for at one time. Although her love for Alex wasn’t as deep or as passionate as her love for Steve or Rick, at the very beginning of the relationship she did love him.

She thought of the last serious conversation she had with Rick. They stood inside of Charlie’s office as Rick tried to warn her, that she might be putting herself in a complicated position by rushing into the marriage with Alex. She thought of how she knew at the moment he spoke the words, that he was right. She never told him that, nor did she take his advice and not run away with Alex.
She knew that following Alex’s rules, meant that she must cut all ties with Rick. She would either have to ignore his next phone call or come up with a lie as to why she’s not able to talk to him. She had to avoid bringing any more suffering upon herself and Alex would surely punish her for having any contact with him. It hurt her deeply, but it had to be done. Besides, she didn’t think she could be a good enough actress to fool him all the time. She would also have to work on acting as if all is right in the Turnan home, when speaking with her parents, and limit her conversations as much as possible.

D’Andrea Lisette McCall was quickly drifting away from existence. The woman lying on the sofa; wondering what she did to deserve such hell was quickly becoming the weak and helpless Mrs. D’Andrea Lisette Turnan. This woman was responsible for theft. She; Mrs. Turnan concocted the scheme to steal the soul, strength, will, and determination from former police officer Sergeant Dee Dee McCall. At the moment, it seems that Mrs. Turnan was going to get away with the crime she had committed, which would be most unfortunate for her victim.

- - -

(Monica Fallon’s apartment)

As Monica sat on the sofa; sipping the last of the wine occupying her glass, Alex used his key to enter her apartment.

“I thought you were coming over right after you called, over an hour ago. Did something go wrong with the wife?”

Alex didn’t immediately answer her question. He walked over to the small bar and poured a 'drink for himself. After taking a seat beside Monica, he explained the situation that took place at home. “It’s a safe bet to say she won’t be going anywhere. I gave her all the rules, and the consequences she’d suffer if she went against them. You should have seen her; the way she literally crumbled under pressure.” He chuckled at his own comment. “Makes you wonder if she has a split personality. One; being the tough, *** kicking Brass Cupcake; not taking any **** from anybody, then the other being the poor delusional woman waiting for some suburban-bred android to sweep her off her feet to live happily ever after.”

Monica let out a sigh of the uncertainty of Alex’s thoughts toward his wife’s emotional state. “Hey. She brought this upon herself. You’re not feeling sorry about what you did, are you?”

“No.” Alex quickly replied to the question. “It’s not that at all. It’s just so surprising to me, that someone as intelligent as she is, in one of the toughest jobs there is, could fall so easily into this trap. I found the whole thing to be amusing and I still do.”

“Well, I guess she couldn’t resist you.” A smile came across Monica’s face. “I know I can’t.”

Alex replied with a smile and a note of thanks. “I appreciate the compliment. You know; I’m glad you decided to keep taking the pill. Your being wary of the vasectomy may save us both a lot of trouble. The doctor said I wouldn’t need to be tested until five years after the procedure, but as it is, he may be wrong.”

“You told her to get rid of the baby, if there is one. If she’s as afraid as you say she is, she’ll do it. We don’t have anything to worry about.” Monica leaned over to kiss his cheek before offering a line of fresh cocaine. “Here’s something to take your mind off of that.” After the two had their dose of the white powder, they soon found themselves in the bedroom engulfed in a wild; almost violent act of sex. Monica allowed Alex to molest her body in any manner he saw fit. Having her wrist bound and tied to the bedpost made it even more electrifying for the both of them. For him, her willingness to such acts was just what the doctor ordered. After the untamed action was over, the lovers collapsed beside one another. A few moments later, Alex was in the bathroom.

“Damn it!”

Monica; hearing Alex’s cursing raised her head from the pillow. “Alex? What’s wrong?”

Alex entered the bedroom, wearing a towel around his waist and holding a blood stained washcloth to his nose. “I’ve got another nosebleed!”

As he took a seat on the side of the bed, Monica ran her fingers over his shoulder. “Come on. Hold your head back. It should help stop the bleeding.” Getting up from the bed; Monica put on her robe and added another suggestion. “Maybe you should stop snorting the coke. That’s what causes the bleeds.”

“Yeah, I guess I need to do something. I can’t have anyone questioning me about it at work. As a matter of fact; I did have one there a few days ago. Professor Vanders asked me about it and I told her it was a side affect from some sinus and allergy medication. I think she believed it; but she won’t buy into it much longer.”

“Hmmm. Well, I’m going to take a shower. Since your nose is okay now, maybe you’d like to join me.” Alex quickly accepted the invitation.

The Next Morning

(7:45am – Monica’s apartment)

Alex didn’t fully awaken when the alarm clock on Monica’s side of the bed went off. He felt the weight on the mattress shift as she removed herself from the bed. A few moments later; after the running water in the shower stopped, he heard Monica opening and closing the drawers and closet doors. She chose a short; long sleeved and form-fitting melon colored dress.

Alex’s eyes focused on the two fully packed suitcases near the closet. “Are you leaving me?”

With a smile on her face, Monica replied to the almost pouting voice. “Aww. Only for four days….five at the most. You’ve known for two weeks that I have to fly to Paris, to look at some new items for the boutique. Although I have flunkies to do most of the work in sales, I have to be the one to pick out what’ll sell.”

“Well, do you want me to drive you to the airport?” Alex asked with a yawn.

“No. I’ve already called for a taxi. I figured you’d like to sleep a little longer. Thanks, anyway. Hey. What time do you have to go in today?”

Without turning to face her, Alex answered his mistress. “I don’t have to be in, at all. I’m just going to stop off, pick up some files, and work at home.”

“Okay. Well, make sure to find out what the doctor told Dee Dee. I’d really like to know.” The sound of the taxi horn alerted Monica that it was time for her to leave. “There’s my ride. I’ll see you in less than a week.” She gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay. Have a safe trip, and call me when you get checked in.”

With that said Monica left for the airport.

(7:45am – Turnan home)

Mrs. Turnan remained on the sofa throughout the night; spending the majority of the time awake. As if in a near zombie-like state, she managed to generate enough energy to pull her exhausted body up and away from the sofa. Within seconds of standing, an intense throbbing sensation flooded throughout her head; accompanied by a wave of lightheadedness. After the sensation passed she was able to make her way upstairs to the master bedroom. One look into the full length mirror was a potent reminder of the night before; that it hadn’t been a horrible nightmare. Her long dark tresses were a gathering of tangles; as she didn’t have the opportunity for the nightly ritual of brushing her hair, and putting it into a loose; but neat ponytail atop her head before bed. Her eyes were swollen and red from the flood of tears, and her crumpled peach outfit didn’t acquire its state of being from spending the night in the dirty clothes hamper. As she examined herself more thoroughly in the reflective glass, she realized that the person looking back at her was no longer the woman of strength and courage that had often received a great amount of praise and admiration for her security and self-esteem. She knew this wasn’t the woman who attempted to punch her husband in face in an act of instinctive self-defense, the night he slapped her for not cooking dinner. She didn’t know just exactly who she was. After a few seconds of studying the reflection, she realized that this woman; this stranger, was the wife of Dr. Alexander Jay Turnan. She was D’Andrea Turnan, and she was a fragile soul.

According to bright red numbers on the digital clock, she had a little over an hour to shower, wash her hair, dress and make the 9am appointment. The warm water from the shower poured over her from head to toe; aiding in relieving only a small amount of the tension in Mrs. Turnan’s neck and shoulders. Dee Dee thought of how the strain of the bizarre marriage was changing her, and it wasn’t for the better. She knew she didn’t deserve an ounce of the abuse she was receiving, but fearing what Alex might have in store if she left him, was enough to keep her right where he wanted her.

After quick use of the blow dryer, a light touch of make-up and the decision to wear a caramel colored skirt, matching jacket and beige pullover blouse underneath she was soon behind the wheel of her car, on her way to have Alex’s friend; Dr. Cameron give her the once over and the news that could bring her more mental anguish one way or another.



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